Thursday, December 23, 2004

is it time to go home yet?

Twenty minutes left...

Twenty minutes left before I can run out the office screaming 'I'm free! I'm free!'. Why did work get all hectic again right before Christmas? I tell ya, The Man just never lets up. I didn't have time to do any of my normal work stuff (which was a lot more than usual because I had to prepare for the few days I'll be missing next week... oops) because a big IMPORTANT PROJECT was dropped in my lap that had to be done AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (!). And fellow desk-neighbor's lap as well. A project almost identical to the IMPORTANT PROJECT that was dropped in our laps yesterday. I swear, its amazing this company is still functioning as well as it is with all the headless chicken running we do around here.

Ten minutes left...

Ten minutes left before I can leave and drive home in the monster Santa Ana winds that are blowing like crazy out there. Hopefully there aren't a lot of semis out there on my freeways. I hate driving past them as the wind tries to push you under its wheels.

If thunder is "God bowling", is the 30 mile an hour winds out there God farting? Just a thought.

Five minutes left...

Five minutes left until I can get away from people asking me silly questions. And I can go home and watch part five of A&E's showing of Pride and Prejudice. I've been wanting to watch this forever and have only now gotten around to it - when it's free and on tv without commercials! Only downside is its in six one hour parts. And I want to see it all now!!!

I <3 Colin Firth

*dreamy sigh*

Three minutes left...

Three minutes left until my xmas vacation starts. I'll be driving up tomorrow to my parents house. And I'll get to hang out with a bunch of family. I can't wait! The poor HB will be driving up xmas morning after he gets off work (poor thing has to work xmas eve night/xmas morning!) to join us. And I don't have to be back to work until Wednesday! Woooo hoooo!
Happy holidays to anyone wondering by for a quick read. :)

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