Friday, September 02, 2005

Buttery Justice - Fifty Word Fiction Friday V22

Buttery Justice

She begged the Dairy King for leniency but he ordered the Official Toast Tosser to "Toss the Royal Toast of Justice!" anyway.

So the toast was tossed and flip it went and squish it finally landed, butter-side down.

"Off with her head!" the King exclaimed. And buttery justice was served.

The 50 Word Fiction Friday challenge this week was to use either the word buttery or the word justice in a fifty-words-only story. I choose to use both because I'm just an extra special double chocolate hot fudge bonus points whore like that.

The idea for today's 50 fic (the tossing of toast as a means of dispensing justice) came to me quickly, almost right away in fact. I let it stew in my brain a bit first, then when I had the time I opened up a new word document and let my fingers fly across the keyboard. And fly they did boy. Halfway through I began to think, this has got to be more than fifty words. But I didn't stop, making sure I got the whole thing out less I suffer from Story Idea Blockage complications (an uncomfortable affliction at best) later in the week. After I typed the last line I did a quick word count and saw that I had 100 words exactly. A nice round number, yes, but it wasn't the nice round number I wanted. 100? D'oh!

It was a bitch to try and trim it down by half. It lost some of its magic in the process, but I think it also gained a chunk of spunk as well. As I was cutting and chopping and contorting and manipulating the story I couldn't help thinking, I should be adding words to this, not taking them away! Which means there's still more of this weird little story in my head. If it doesn't drain away in the next thirty minutes I think I'll stop by this little coffee place on the way home and sit outside with some sort of snobby coffee drink, my notebook, my pen, and my muse and have at it. Or maybe I'll just work on it now. It's Friday. And I only have thirty minutes left of work. And there is nothing pressing left for me to do. I don't think I could concentrate on anything else. :)


  1. some people have been known to submit a couple of stories which are really one story in parts. which i guess is cheating, but i tend to let it slide.

    my stories are always too long, and it's a bitch cutting them. but that is also part of the challenge. and, i think it's GREAT if you take your idea and make it longer. please let me know if you write a story out of your initial 100 words!

    one week, i'm going to have bonus 50 word friday andit's gonig to be 100 words!! i think on week 26... when we've been doing it for half a year.

    also, i am stealing that button ... :D

  2. you know, the week that you have a 100 word challenge will the be the week that i can't even come up with 10. :)