Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My black hole said to your black hole, "I'm gonna set your mass on fire!"

You know what I find interesting? When you're in the shower first thing in the morning, and you got less than five hours of sleep the night before, there's this weird time warp thing that happens where it seem to take more than five hours to wash your damn hair.

Or is it just me?

Seriously, I'm not even sure I washed my hair this morning. It's wet, I'll give it that. But clean? Eh.... well... I'm almost pretty sure, but not completely sure. I remember putting the shampoo in my hand. And I'm pretty sure the hand's next destination was my head. I just kind spaced out for a bit. Or several bits. Five hours worth of bits.

I think there's a black hole or some other space/time disturbance in the force in my bathroom. Yeah. That's it.

So let's see here... I've got wet probably-but-not-definitely-washed hair. Did I forget anything else?



Brushed teeth?




Okay. I think all systems are a go for Operation First Exam Since Being Back At School. That's tonight. At 7pm. Also due at 7pm? My first term paper written as a Return To School student. And its still not done. Eek! But then, that's typical of my term paper writing style. Saving things until the last minute. And strangely enough, more often than not, the later I write the paper, the better grade I get. It's weird. Just like the Shower Black Hole Phenomenon.

Not that I planned it that way this time. With this paper I was going to finish it at least a day early! Yeah. That was the plan. But I ended up writing most of it last night. It just... happened. Against my will. And my better judgment. And.... well, it's a long story full of whiny self tidbits that's best left bottled up inside my psyche and I don't have time for that because holy crap I have to finish writing the damn paper!

You know what? Turns out I'm really out of practice at writing essays. I remember how to do it, its just the actual execution that's a little rusty. Bah! So anyways, the paper is only half done, well, more like 3/4's done. There's just a lot of editing and juggling still to do. Oy. Me thinks I'll be spending every second I can eek out of work on it. Yay!


  1. good luck, loon! i'm sure you'll do super. and i might be joining you on the 'returning to school' thing. i'm taking a new direction and want to be a teacher. so i may have to go back and get some schooling done. :)

  2. thanks. :) and more power to ya for becoming a teacher.