Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Do your nose hairs hang low? Do they flutter to and fro?

tuesday is chooseday

Would you rather...

1. lapse into epileptic seizures every time somebody says the word "squid" OR cluck like a chicken every time somebody says "chicken"?

Clucking sounds more fun than seizing so I'll go for that one.

Plus, I like the word 'squid'.

Squid squid squidy squid.

Just typing it makes me feel al squishy inside. I'd really hate to have it tainted by epileptic association.

2. have no bones, but complete muscular control of every part of your body OR four arms?

Four arms would be useful, especially when I'm having to hold back the rush of adoring fans, but I think I'd rather have complete muscular control. It's been a as-of-yet unrealized dream of mine to be able to wink with my right eye.

3. your nose hair grow down past your chin no matter how much you cut it OR have earlobes twice the normal size?

Earlobes twice the normal size. I don't think they make hats stylish enough to hide nose hair.

4. have people constantly mistake your sex (man v. woman) OR your sexual preference (straight v. gay)?

I think I'd be more offended if people thought I was a guy, so that I'd pick the second option.

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