Tuesday, September 13, 2005

"We just stood there looking at each other. There was so much electricity, you could have executed ten fat murderers!" *

My desk neighbor Sal and I have been laughing about Carl's Bad Cavern again today because we like to beat dead joke horses around here. Actually, it all started with me trying to make a joke. I use the word 'trying' because like most of my attempted jokes, this one fell flat like a lame horse at a ballet recital.

I don't know what it is I have against horses today, but I'd like to give a quick shout out to my horse constituency and say sorry dudes for the horrible horse analogies.

Anywho... so I'm trying to explain to Sal why my joke would have been funny (explained jokes = hysterical!) if a coffee bean was in fact called a coffee nut.

While I'm talking about beans and nuts Sal says something similar to, "blah blah blah like Carl's women."

Again, like last time, I thought Sal was making fun of Carl, who's been married to several women.

So I says, "Huh? Whatdyou say?" because while I have perfect hearing, I sometimes can't hear worth diddlysquat.

"Carl's junior," Sal says again.

"Oh." I said. I'm still not quite getting it, but... "Ohhhhhh..." so then once again, I'm thinking he's making fun of Carl. And his... uh... 'junior'.

Now, I blame this path of reasoning due to the fact that I watched an old episode of Coupling last night where Patrick talks about 'Junior Patrick'.

So I says to Sal, "I can't believe you just went there."

And again, just like last time, he looks at me funny, not quite understanding what I mean.

"What do you mean?" asks Sal The Confused Coworker. "I just... said... Carl's Jr."

That's right. Carl's Jr., not Carl's junior. Huge difference there, and I finally I heard the distinction that time.

Turns out Sal was just trying to say he was hungry for Carl's Jr.

Turns out that I have a very dirty mind this morning.

"Oh." I said, and tried to explain. Again. "I thought you meant Carl's... juuuuunior."

Sal blushed. And cracked up. And blushed some more. Poor guy. He's not used to me making naughty references.

I think I'll shoot him an email... ask if he wants to go eat Carl's Junior Jr. for lunch today.

* blog post title is a quote from the Coupling episode Faithless, as said by Jane.


  1. how in the world did you pass that hearing test?? haha. :)

  2. well, see, it was just a hearing test, not a reasoning test. :)