Friday, September 09, 2005

Spunk'd - 50 Word Fiction Friday Vol. 23

The 50 Word Fiction Friday theme this week is: waiting.

I wrote this awhile ago, but after I got it down to fifty words it no longer fit with the week's theme so I ditched it and wrote another one. I didn't ditch the fic completely though (obviously, since its all shiny and ready for display so early in the morning) opting to save it for a week where it would work, if ever a week should come.

I've always been a pack rat, keeping stuff on the slight chance that one day I might be able to use it for something. Because what if one day you need that specific color of used packaging ribbon? Or that thin piece of cardboard that got shipped inside some package? Or that discarded pen cap? How foolish will you feel when you realize you used to have it up until three days ago, a.k.a. The Big Exudos of Closet Paraphernalia.

I inherited this urge to save crap from my dad. I saw an old toy box of his once. It was this little wooden thing, very cute, the perfect size for holding crayons and plastic army men. Along with the crayons and the plastic army figurines were such useless things as a broken mini light bulb and the spring from the inside of a pen. When my mom suggested that he throw the broken light bulb away my dad just couldn't bring himself to do it. Because, really, he'd kept it this long... and, well, you never know!

My pack-ratty-ness always makes cleaning my room a challenge. A fun challenge - because its fun to find old stuff I've saved that I completely forgot all about - but a challenge nonetheless, because instead of cleaning my room I'll reminisce/play with/read through/etc all the stuff that I've squirreled away for that big Possible Inevitable. I never realized it before today, but it seems I'm like this with stories and pieces of stories as well.

So I've had this little 50-fic squirreled away, just waiting for the week when it would finally work. And today is the day, err... week, err... uh... yeah, here it is. Some great artists might have what's known as a 'blue period'. This is my 'S period'. :)


Sassy Sue of the 76th Spunk Squad sighed. She'd been sitting by the phone for several days now, waiting studiously for a ring on the Spunk Crisis Line. Surely someone out there wasn't satisfactorily saturated with spunk! But no one called. Surprisingly, Sassy Sue was starting to feel seriously somber.

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