Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Cleaning is fun!

It takes me forever to clean my room. Always has, always will, because I will always have the OohOohShinyPebble! distraction gene. I'll be tidying up like a good little picker-upper-putter-awayer and before long I'll come across something I haven't seen in years. (Or even just months - I'm easily amused.)

When I find this Long Forgotten Item, one I'm particularly fond of for one reason or another (because not all the junk I keep is uber-riveting when I'm in Cleaning Mode) I'll think, "gosh, I haven't seen this in, like, forever!" and will feel this overwhelming compulsion to Stop Everything and devote all energies to the act of reminiscing.

The item could be any number of things: a toy (like the little fishy magnet travel game that I will most definitely HAVE to play with EVERY time I see it), a diary, a school project that I totally kicked ass on (like the movie poster I made in the 8th grade - genius!), a ticket stub, jewelry, a book, etc.

One of the freakiest things I ever found was an old dream journal. That, in its self, isn't so freaky. It was actually kind of neat to reread about some of the dreams I'd had ("Oh yeah, I remember that dream!"). The freaky part came when I came across an entry about a dream that I did not remember having at all. It was the longest entry and the most detailed description of any dream out of the whole damn dream journal and I couldn't remember dreaming it. I read the entry a few times and nothing felt familiar about it. It was as if someone else had written the entry - and written it in my sloppy handwriting!

Maybe that doesn't sound so weird. All I know is that when I read that journal entry a very surreal feeling settled around me like I'd just slipped into an alternate dimension.

Anywhoo... I've been "cleaning my room" here at work the last couple of days. One reason is because I'm being relocated due to this Big Fancy Construction Project that's about to get underway. I don't want to box up and move stuff I no longer want (i.e. a bunch of prints outs and paperwork that when stacked in a big pile was almost six inches high - because I suffer from packratitus that makes me think I might one day need something that I will never in a million years actually ever need). Another reason is because my computer has been rebelling (see previous post) so I haven't had much else to do.

Today though, I've been able to go through some old computer files of mine in order to organize the clutter a bit. I've found a couple personal files that I've saved over the last year or so that I really need to get rid of. The thought behind this being: "hey, if I get fired tomorrow and don't have time to delete these things I'm going to be really embarrassed to think that someone might actually read this shit." Not that I have naughty stuff on my computer, mind you, it's just that some of its random thoughts and half written musings and the like. I don't want anyone reading those things until I've given it my stamp of approval that it's ready to be released into the wild.

Among these personal files I found a file (which was the inspiration behind long 'OohOohShinyPebble!' post) containing code for two internet quizzes I took many moons ago and for some reason didn't have time to post. Or maybe I did post them and just don't remember it (I highly likely possibility). After typing all this up I just don't have time to find out, so with out further ado...

You are .exe When given proper orders, you execute them flawlessly.  You're familiar to most, and useful to all.
Which File Extension are You?

Executes flawlessly and is useful to all? Guess I should go update the ol' resumé.

You are Kairet Mustapha.  You have a heart full of anxiety and sorrow.  Your husband was the Chief Security Officer for the ex-President of Nigeria.  You have $30 million in an account in Ghana though you can't afford a comfortable meal.  You want to give me 20%.
Which Nigerian spammer are You?

Dude, if you can get me just one of those millions you can keep more than 20%. I ain't greedy. :)


  1. Just stumbled across your blog....literally stumbled (Ouch)...and had to laugh at the Nigerian scammer quiz. I have recently been spending tons of work hours (shhhh) on a website which posts the e-mail exchanges between the scammers and scam baiters. Way too much fun. If only I were clever enough.

    Great blog. Love the humor.

  2. hahaha, i do the same thing when i clean. and i'm a pack rat, too. i'll keep just about anything if i can affix something sentimental to it. lol.

    my quiz results are on my blog. i was a .gif file and, i don't remember the other one...

  3. Thanks you little anonymous commenter you! Thanks for the stumble. :)

    And Judy, I don't need a sentimental reason for keeping stuff. Mine reasoning asks the following question: "is there at least a 1 in 1,000,000 chance that I might one day need it." :)