Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tuesday is Chooseday

And I choose NOT to go to school today! Oh wait. I can't afford to not go. First day of this new class and all. Attendance is mandatory for the first two weeks. Drats.

It's just that I'm really not looking forward to finding out how much more reading homework I'll have. Because right now, with the two MWF classes, I'll have enough reading homework to keep myself busy for the next few months. Seriously. And the TuTh class that I'll be showing up for the first time today? Is an English class were we will be studying a major author's work. As in a bunch of the book's she's written. Eeek!!!

Damn. I really wish I knew how to speed read.


On with the fun choices of the day... sort of. I don't have time right now to answer all four questions, so I'll do one, and hopefully I'll add to it later. In the meantime, you viewers can play along at home by trying to guess which one I'll pick. Or pick your own if you so choooooose.

Would you rather...

1. get a prank phone call at 2:00am OR sit on a whoopie cushion on a public bus?

A prank phone call at 2am because there's less of a chance of me Dying of Embarrassment. Sheesh. That whoopee cushion thing would be mortifying.

Unless I'm on a bus with a bunch of old people. Because old people fart all the time. It's what they do. And blaming my non-farts on them is what I do. Not that that happens often, mind you. It's just that... er... never mind. Besides, what are the odds that I'd be on a bus with only fart-y old farts? Slim, Jim. With my luck, it'd be me, a gaggle of Old Farts, and one Hot Guy.

So I'd rather you wake me up at 2:00am and tell me I'd better go catch my running refrigerator than slip a whooppe cushion under my butt right before it makes a touchdown.

2. get poked in the eye OR get a wedgie?

Updated 4:03 PM (now that blogger is finally letting me in... *grumble grumble*)

Let's see, I've been poked in the eye a few times and it hurt like hell. I think I'd rather get a wedgie. Sure, a wad of undy material YANKED up the butt crack hurts too, but at least you can still see the bastard who did it and rough them up a bit if you want.

3. taken to the hospital because of a freak accident involving a llama and whipped cream OR an allergic reaction on your nipples from latex?

Updated 9:58 AM on Friday (because the aliens were busy doing time warp experiments with me and just now deposited me back on earth)

Don't worry my little nipples. I'll not let anything harm you. Bring on the llama!

4. get bit by a rabid chihuahua OR a wild badger?

Updated 9:58 AM on Friday (see above)

Rabid Chihuahua means it has rabies. And rabies are baaaaaaad. So while I think I could put a better beat down on the Chihuahua I'd rather deal with the wild rabies-free badger.

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