Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Me? Paranoid? Why that's just sil... Wait, who told you that???

Got my car back on Saturday.


After I shelled out 600 bucks, that is.


And yes, I know it could have been worse. That was my favorite mantra of the day actually.

It could have been worse, it could have been worse...

Good news is the car only turned itself off once before I got home! Even better news is I wasn't driving at the time; I'd made a stop along the way.

I was so excited at once again having that sense of freedom that is attached to owning a working car that I felt like making a stop at the drug store for a much-needed stick of deodorant. You know when you can see the plastic bottom of the deodorant tube more than you can see deodorant. I was there. I could have made due for about... oh... another day. Then I would have been reduced to using the HB's deodorant. But by then, of course, he would have been back in town and I could have asked for a ride to the store. It didn't matter either way, because I had my car back! Wheeee!

So after my drugstore pit (heh) stop, I turned the car on, already thinking about where I was going to go next. Five seconds later, the car shut itself off. I was too shocked to utter even the simplest of curses. I turned the car on again, and when I felt it try to die on me again I pushed on the gas and said, "don't you even think about it you little beyotch." Whether it was the gas or the epitaph that worked, I don't know. I'd like to think that they were both persuasive.

I made one more stop that day (for groceries) and the car was still a little shaking on its feet. So I took it home and decided to give it a little rest. A little R and R for the loon-mobile. When the HB got home the next day from his family drama outing we decided to take my car for a fast food run. And the car started up beautifully, as if it hadn't had any inkling of a problem whatsoever, just like use to before making me a nervous driving wreck.

So the car works. Yeah! But I'm going to be paranoid for a couple of weeks now, wondering what every little sound or movement from my car means. Is that normal? Has it always made that sound? I can't help it. I'm like that every time something happens to my car.

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