Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Along with my New Year's Resolution to Blog More, because I missed it, I want to get back in the swing of Reading Other Blogs, because I miss that as well. Plus, I hope that their mad blogging skillz will rub off on me somehow so I've prescribed to the idea that the more I read the more I absorb and the more awesomer I get. (So awesome, in fact, that I can make awesomer an actual word and Webster gives me some sort of Best New (And By New We Mean It's Been Around Forever But Never Actually Validated Until Now) Word of the Year Award). Or something like that. Hey, anything is possible, right?

According to a couple blogs I've read so far this week, its Delurking Week. So have at it all (two of) you lurkers out there, comment! :)

I know how easy it is to lurk, because I'm a lurker. A big time lurker. Lately, I barely even have time for a couple drive-by blog readings then I'm off to run Some Report or kiss Some Corporate Ass or, as I can now claim, be a frazzled College Student again (*squeee*). I'm going to try and make the effort to comment as much as I can on other blogs. This week, as well as the weeks after. I've posted one comment today so... so far so good. And its Tuesday yet. I've still got more than half the week left! And more than half of the week's sanity left too! (I try and ration the sanity out in weekly installments. Don't want to use it all up in the first couple weeks of school.) So not bad.

In the meantime... I think I remember something about Tuesday being a Chooseday. Hmmm....