Monday, January 09, 2006

The Great Kiss-Your-Sanity-Goodbye Experiment

Today was the second day of what I affectionately like to refer to (in the whole 4 hours since I first came up with it) as The Great Kiss-Your-Sanity-Goodbye Experiment a.k.a. the new school quarter. Here's how my day has gone so far...

4:52-ish AM

I partially woke up, still sort of sleepy with no real sense of my surroundings but awake enough to realize that I did indeed have a bladder, and I somehow, through the machinations of a demonic half-asleep fairy, figured it was around 3 in the morning. Normally, waking up at 3 in the morning would tick me off. But I looked at it on a positive note: I could essentially SLEEP IN for a couple of hours. Sweeeeet.

5:00 AM

My alarm beeps screams like a harpy, I wake up, and the first mantra of the day starts repeating in my head ("I need more sleep! I need more sleep!"). I proceed to run around, trying to find clothes that at least sort of match. I did not, unfortunately, have time to find one of the gabillion bras I own that was NOT the new one I bought YESTERDAY and therefore have NOT YET WORN. More on this later.

5:24 AM

I did, however at least, have time to remember to brush and deodorize and find matching socks AND make sandwiches. The sandwiches are important, otherwise I might raid the vending machines and/or cave under the pressure to support my taste bud's favorite vice. (Greasy French Fries Orgy Parties!)

5:30 AM

I leave for work. (It was more like 5:34 AM, but I'm not going to get too specific here. You're welcome.)

6:00 AM

I arrive at work, clock in, race upstairs, start the first pot of coffee for the day. I B.S.-ed (Technical Work Place Term) with my Soon To Be Ex-Boss and another co-worker for several minutes then got down to work.

Let the games begin!

9:00 AM

I attended the Weekly Group Meeting. A few New Players were there to listen to us rehash the same shit we've been rehashing for months. It was FUn with a capital FU.

10:00 AM

I clocked out, peed (okay, so I lied about the "being specific" part - my bad), speed-walked to my car and headed to school.

10:27 AM

I'm in the parking lot already! Yeah for no traffic!

10:39 AM

I get to my classroom (because the only place to park is a ten minute walk from my classroom, and I have one of the closest classrooms to walk to!). I hope I get in some sort of shape (other than round) soon from all this walking. At least its something.

11:10 AM

Class starts. It's a Comparative Literature class titled Marxism, Psychoanalysis, and Postcolonialism. Sounds like fun, eh? I'd spent the previous thirty minutes trying to catch up on the reading that was due today. It was a selection from Sigmund Freud's "Totem and Taboo" essay. I had the weekend to read it, but I was busy. Plus, it took awhile to read because I could NOT read that whole thing in one sitting. "Freud Dude" overload or something. Bleagh.

12:00 PM

Class ends and I make a bee line for the OPPOSITE side of campus because I needed to pick up my ID card. It's a hideous picture of me and I plan to whip it out every time I'm contemplating sweets or fast food or anything else bad for me because its an excellent Say No To Fat picture. Bah!

12:30-ish PM

I get back to my car, a bit winded, a bit sore from the horrible walking shoes I'm wearing because they're the only work shoes I own. Which means, darn it, that I have to find time to go shoe shopping. I hate shopping for shoes because I can never find the shoes I want. Being tall may have its advantages, but I'd trade Being Able To Reach The Top Shelf for Being Able To Find Shoes In My Size WHEREVER I Go.

1:00 PM

I clock back into work having BARELY made it back. Traffic this time around was a little more chaotic. By now I'm hungry (I'd been snacking on peanuts on the way back but they weren't cutting it) and I'm achy and crabby and achy because its that wonderful time of the month when I have an excuse to be crabby (small favors) and the new bra I'm wearing is digging in and rubbing and all around driving me BATSHITMUTHAEFFINCRAZY (ok, make that reeeeeeeally small favors) and I seriously contemplated ripping it right off and going commando. But then I took a deep breath, realized it would be quite inappropriate to unleash the girls on my unsuspecting work peers, and got back to work. After I grabbed one of my sandwiches from the fridge, that is and got some nutrition in me. Man, I could kill for a snickers bar right now. And I do mean kill. Death by Bra Strangulation perhaps. Hmmm... it has possibilities.

I've been working on work stuff and typing this up for the last couple of hours and that leads us up until right now. I mean now. No, now. No... *ahem*

And the day's not over yet! Wheeeeeee!

Here's what the rest of my day will look like:

5:00 PM

Clock out of work, run to car, and drive like crazy for about 20 minutes then get stuck in insanely aggravating slow moving traffic for about 30 minutes (which is about how long it took last Friday) so that it takes twice as long to drive to school in the evening as it does in the afternoon. Then I have to find a new parking lot because Friday I parked too far away and it was dark and scary and the exercise isn't worth the ninja skills I'll need to know in order to fight off all the evil demons lurking in the shadows.

new school campus + nighttime = scary evil demon lurkage.

6:10 PM

Class starts. It's my Intro To Creative Writing class and I really hope its fun. I also hope that traffic isn't so bad that I'm late for this class. I think I might be cutting it really close. Which means I'll look Super Sexy all hot and red-faced and breathy as I run through the door. Sweeeet.

And if the traffic gods are listening, I'd also like to be there in time to get at least a little bit of the reading assignment done. As I haven't yet started it. Oops.

7:00 PM

Get out of class. Brave the scary shadowy places in between the classroom and the BFE parking lot.

8:00 PM

Get home. Yes, last Friday it took a fucking hour to get home. Without traffic it takes half that long. BAH!

Fun schedule, eh? I get to do this shit three days a week! Tuesday's and Thursday's look almost the same, only I don't have a night class to drive back to school for (thank god.) I'm not too worried about my sanity yet. I blame today's near neurotic bra breakdown on the rampant hormones. But I will make no promises and offer no guarantees on the state of my sanity by the end of the quarter. Heh. So pull up a chair. I'll start popping the popcorn.

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