Sunday, July 27, 2003

Some of my inspirational agents, all rolled into one in...

The Loony How to Make A 'How to Make A...' List

1. Sit down in front of computer.
2. Stare at blank screen for several minutes waiting for inspiration.
3. Smack head with keyboard.
4. Rearrange CD's in mini CD tower according to artist's height -- tallest one at the bottom.
5. Clean your mouse's ball. (Poor fellow only has one after the tragic Stapler Incident of '98...)
6. Get up to pee, clearing mind of all thoughts (except for the good, clever ones of course!).
7. Grab chips and sufficient amount of caffeine.
8. Sit back down in front 'puter.
9. Rearrange CD's by length of play list -- longest playing CD at the bottom.
10. Check email.
11. Look at blurry clock and decide with heavy lids that its time for bed.
12. After staring at blank screen for another hour, go to bed.
13. Five minutes later do a happy dance after finally getting an idea (never mind how stupid it is).
14. Grab pencil/pen/quill/crayon and paper/parchment/chalkboard/arm/wall and scribble down your ideas until either you run out of room or your hand and brain cramp up with exhaustion. And Voila! You've got yourself a [loony] masterpiece! Woot!

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