Tuesday, February 01, 2005

At least the muthafugga's got good taste

(I started to type this up yesterday, really I did, but yesterday was a bad day for all things extra curricular. Today's not all that better, but oh well... fug it!)

So here's the main reason for the previous post that sort of ran wild on me. It's car update time!

In Friday's post I talked about how my car was in the shop. I worried about the worst, but believed the best would triumph. And it did. The HB and I went and picked up my car Friday afternoon and Mechanic Guy had us test drive it first to make sure everything was working right. I was super hyper sensitive to every sound and movement my car made, and while I knew this, I still couldn't help pointing out every little sound and weird movement the car made. "Oh, what was that? That sounds kind of odd. Did you feel that?"

The HB, with the patience of a world record holding card tower stacker, said to me such things as, "No honey, that was just a pot hole. The car is not falling apart." I tell ya, the man is a saint.

So my car works again. Yeah!

After the test drive we went back to the shop and Mechanic Guy explains to us how all he did was tighten the hell out of some belts and that it will work fine from now on. At least until I run over another huge piece of metal. Ha ha! You're so funny Mechanic Guy!

Mechanic Guy didn't charge me for this second visit, which was awesome. Maybe because he didn't fix it right the first time. Maybe because the HB mentioned he'd drop his car off next for a little repair he'd been putting off. Maybe he was feeling guilty about something. More on that later.

So the HB left his car with Mechanic Guy and we drove home in mine. The car that was working again.

*does little happy jig*

A couple hours later we went back to pick up the HB's car. That's when I noticed my CD was gone.

Yes. That's right. My CD? Gone. No here-o no more-o.

The HB was talking with Mechanic Guy and I was sticking around to make sure the HB didn't need me to drive him back home or anything. I reached back to my junk cluttered back seat for my CD walkman (I have the whole CD walkman adapter set up because I'm slow in upgrading to the granny-smurf-low rider-mobile to the 21 century) and noticed the CD I know I was listening to just an hour before I dropped my car off was missing. Strange, that was. I looked, repeatedly, throughout my car but it wasn't in the CD case or on the floor or under the cluttered junk of the back seat. It wasn't back at home because I never would have brought it in without the case. And I was too frazzled driving home to even bother taking the CD out. So since it wasn't anywhere in the car, and since I know for a goddamn fact I was listening to the CD just an hour or so before I took the car in (I was listening to it when my car started freaking out again!) there's only one thing that could have happened (excluding any reason including aliens or time traveling or immature radioactive samurai slugs)... someone stole my CD!!!

I couldn't believe it! I still can't, really. One of the mechanic guys stole my CD! It's not like they stole change from the change tray*. Unless you're anal enough to know exactly how much loose change you have in there you'll never be certain if someone nicks a few nickels. So I can understand them stealing change, but a CD? That I'm going to notice is missing probably before a handful of change? WTF??!!!

Oh I was sooooo pissed off when I got home. The HB thought I was being silly, getting all worked up over a silly CD. (Which sort of pissed me off a bit more because aren't boyfriends supposed to share in your righteous indignation? No? Well they should dammit.) I tried to explain how violated I felt, because my personal space had been invaded, rifled through. And a CD that had an inside joke written on it was stolen. And being looked at and fondled by someone else. I said to the HB, "Look, I thought about storming the garage and raising all holy hell and demanding which asshole stole my CD. But I didn't. Because it is just a stupid CD after all. But that doesn't mean I'm not going to be pissed off about it!"

I got over it. Mostly. But the thought of it still irks me some.

So some fucker stole my CD. But the bright side? My car works. And if Mechanic Guy had charged me for the repairs it would have cost more than a handful of change* and a CD.

So it's all good in the neighborhood and all that shit.

* Actually, I think they might have stolen some change. I looked at the change tray yesterday and noticed I only had three pennies in there. I'm pretty sure I had more change in there, but I'm not positive. Bastards.


  1. Zoink again: If I were with you, I would have stormed the garage with you and we would have found your CD, dammit!

    Have a good day!

  2. you should have broken down and cried. and then asked them, with sad sad puppy dog eyes, did they happen to see your cd fall out of your car because you mother gave you that cd and last week she was run over by a heard of mountain goats and her last words were "enjoy the cd!"

    something like that.

  3. Zoink, I'll be sure to bring you as backup the next time I go pick up my car from a mechanic shop. :)

    Jodi, I actually thought about doing the crying thing, about going up to the guys and asking if they saw my CD, because *sniffle* my brother gave it to me *sniffle* right before he went in to the hospital *sniffle sniffle*. But I didn't. But next time I don't think will reign in my inner bitch, because it will give me something really interesting to write about. :)