Friday, February 11, 2005

Working on my Procrastinator Society for Backwards Achievement merit badge

Wanna see how I wasted a good chunk of my morning?

First, go check out my bea-U-tiful artwork. (I recommend watching it in super speed mode. I painted lots of dots!) Can I just say that I'm in love with this site. So in love are we two... In fact, I think I want it to have my babies. Yes. Little art doodle babies. *sigh*

Then, after you recover from the shock of how dazzling my artistic skillz are, go check out google maps. (I would have recommended that you go to this site first so you wouldn't have to bother with the inevitable recovery period, but really, the viewing of the loony masterpiece should not be put off for long.) I spent several minutes oohing and ahhing at the site. Then, with the help of Other Desk Neighbor Zack, I searched for 'adult bookstore's around my hometown. Heh heh. < sarcasm>Apparently, the town where I grew up is not a hotbed for hot strip clubs and naughty novelty items stores. < /sarcasm>

artpad link via amber and the maps link via tj

1 comment:

  1. "Sorry Dude..." LOL
    I forgot about Art Pad! Such a fuin time waster...