Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Ten Reasons Why Valentines Day is a Stupid Holiday

  1. The mascot is cupid, who shoots arrows at people. Violence = stupid.
  2. When you're single, the holiday reminds that you're single to the nth degree.
  3. When you're not single, and your significant other doesn't even bother to get you a card, and you're surrounded by people who do get cards, it really sucks.
  4. Those heart candies with the words 'be mine' on them are stupid. The phrase 'be mine' is so... barbaric sounding. You be mine. *grunt grunt scratch* Have no choice. *grunt grunt scratch* I club you over head now. *grunt grunt whack*
  5. It's too soon after the xmas shopping season - I'm too busy paying off credit cards to do any serious gift shopping.
  6. Have you seen how much flowers cost on v-day??!!
  7. Any occasion that has the same initials as the sometimes byproduct of a sexual encounter (Valentines Day / Venereal Disease) is stupid.
  8. If it wasn't a stupid holiday I wouldn't have to go to work.
  9. You can't go to a restaurant on the 14th unless you make a reservation in advance. Or like to eat at 3pm. Or prefer to dine on Le Micky Dees.
  10. Families don't feel the need to congregate and consume massive quantities of food together on Valentine's day, like they do on non-stupid holidays

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