Thursday, February 10, 2005

A spoonful of giggles helps the paperwork go down...

... in the most unproductive way. :)

Tuesday evening, this annoying woman at work (I've heard her referred to as Dragon Lady) sent out an email to some of the guys in my crew complaining about something or other. She was thoughtful enough to CC our boss and other bosses. Ain't she a doll! She didn't bother to ask us directly for the information she needs. Don't know why, we've been more than helpful doing parts of her job for her. *grumble*

So she sends out this email at the end of the Tuesday workday, then is out of the office for some reason on wednesday. So she wasn't around yesterday for the follow up emails. How convenient. The email wasn't anything too major; the boss didn't rain down fiery fury on anyone. It just would have been nice knowing she was around for us to call her up and say 'hey, what's your damage bitch?' Though we would have used a more friendlier selection of Work Place Approved Language. For sure.

Anyway, this morning 'Zack' mentions seeing Dragon Lady and Mr. Desk Neighbor says, "Yeah, I heard she's back from Bitch Camp."

He's had me rolling in stitches ever since. 'Zack' too. I can't even drink my much needed coffee I'm giggling so much.

*sigh* At this rate I'm never going to get any work done. :)

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