Friday, February 04, 2005

I gots the goodest English skillz. Really, I does!

When I was writing up yesterday's post I couldn't remember when it had started getting so windy around here. (Yesterday? Couple days ago? Five years ago?) So I asked Mr. Desk-Neighbor if he knew. And right in the middle of my question my brain let loose this big ol' brain fart and I couldn't think of what to say.

Words eventually came out of my mouth; words, thankfully, that were at least related to the topic of my question (bonus point!), but they weren't the best words to use in the situation. Or any situation where you want to sound at least semi-intelligible.

Unfortunately this is a common occurrence here in loonyville. Usually I don't end up sounding so stupid, but yesterday... well...

I turned to my Desk-Neighbor and said, "Was it yesterday when it... uh... started winding much?"

Started winding much?

I couldn't think of how to phrase what I wanted to say so my brain spits this out instead? WTF?

English is the first language I learned. Really, it is. It just doesn't always seem that way.

And last night, I showed the HB an ad for a really cheap bookshelf (Big Lots rocks) and started to say, "We need another bookshelf."

I got as far as, "We need another-"

Then my brain went all: 'Your time is up. To complete your sentence please deposit another fifty cents. Or hang up and try again.'

I forgot the word 'bookshelf'. I couldn't believe it! My mind totally blanked on me. And for a lot longer than it usually does too!

I looked up at the bookshelf in our living room and started waving my right arm at it frantically. I tried to stare it into submission ('Tell me what you're called dammit!') and couldn't stop until the word came to me.

"-bookshelf! We need another bookshelf!"

I blame it on the headache I couldn't really feel but know was lurking around in my head just the same. Stupid brain.

Maybe it's a tumor.

No. No, its not a tumor.


  1. Hehe, my brain does this. I especially like it when my brain does it in my American Lit class. Uproariously funny for everyone.

  2. fun for everyone indeed. especially when the class size is astronomically HUGE. that's good times right there!