Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Praying at the Altar of The Almighty Sugar Rush

O, I pray thee Mother of the cookies sweet,
Of these circus animals white and pink,
Infuse these sprinkled cookies with energy
So that they may, in their noble sacrifice,
Fuel me with the power to complete my homework assignment in the next two hours.

All I can do, it seems, is NOT work on these damn journal assignments. And frankly, the cookies aren't working as well as I'd hoped. Dammit. Maybe its because I only bought one bag from the vending machine. Hmmmm.... I was able to get a hold of the HB and he emailed me the file I needed. So at least I'm not starting over from scratch. Sigh. Okay, now I'm ready to finish the homework. Right after I sacrifice another pink elephant that is. Mmmmmmmm.

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