Tuesday, October 11, 2005

To sock or not to sock? That is the chooseday question.

tuesday is chooseday

Would you rather...

1. be shot in the thigh with a .357 magnum OR have your thigh sliced with a samurai sword?

When I read the first option my first thought was...

That could be interesting. Painful, yeah, but interesting.

Reading the second option made me cringe.

Oh helllll no!

So I guess I'd rather be shot than sliced.

2. try to take a piece of meat from a mongoose OR have to ride an angry bull?

Um... well... I'm bigger than a mongoose. Smaller than a bull. Way smaller than an angry bull. So I'd rather tussle with the mongoose.

3. wear 10 t-shirts at a time OR five pairs of socks at a time?

I heart t-shirts long time. But ten? Sheesh. Five pairs of socks would be easier.

Because who says I have to wear the socks on my feet? Socks are sooooo much more versatile than t-shirts. I can make really spiffy wrist bands with one pair. And can use one pair as cozies for my pigtails. And the other two pairs can be woven in and out of my belt loops for flair.

Dude. I could totally rock the socks.

4. punch a priest in the nose OR throw a rotten tomato at the president of the united states?

What has a priest ever done to me? Nothing. Thankfully. What has the president ever done to me? Oh, let me count the ways... heh.

No matter who the president is at the time, I think I'd rather throw the tomato. I'm more of a "attack from far away so its easier to run away if things go bad" kind of girl rather than a "in yo face sucka" attacker. I'd probably get on the news with the tomato toss, so that would work out great.

And I'm pretty I'd miss the president if I threw the tomato at him, so it wouldn't cause any damage. The priest though, I'd probably be able to hit that target. Which would hurt me more that it would hurt him. So yeah. The tomato's the way to go!


  1. i thought it was a no-brianer at first, but then i thought about big beefy secret security guys with hard-ons for tackling troublemakers and that made me pause a bit.