Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sigh (a.k.a. The Post Title Formerly Known As !&%$@&!%#)

I didn't do all of my homework over the weekend. I've read all of the assignments, so I'm all good on that front. I just procrastinated a bit on the journals (due at 7pm tonight - eek!). But you see, I was busy. A highly admirable excuse if I do say so myself.

Saturday I was busy hanging out with the HB. We went out to brunch, which was nice. Then we went shopping at Costco. For those that don't know, Costco is this big warehouse mega store. And its the HB's substitute Disneyland. He friggin loves to shop there. Even if we're there for only one or two items he has to walk up and down Every Single Aisle. And he has to push the cart, because he's 'the man'. It's adorable, really. He also likes to keep a running tally of how much money is in the cart. My job at Costcoland is to be the Shopping List Wench. It has its perks.

After Costco we went home, dropped off the food, then went to CompUSA. Again, we had to walk up and down Every Single Aisle. At the very end of our tour we came to the video game area. I passed the xbox demo game and the play station demo game but paused when I saw the Star Wars PC demo game. The graphics looked pretty bitchin' so I checked it out. Started shooting stormtroopers that were actually on my side, but oh well. Still pretty awesome. I pointed the game out to the HB and I think I actually saw him drool. We were there for at least another fifteen minutes while he played his little Star Wars game. I made a circuit of the entire store twice before I whined. "Can't you buy it and play it at hommmmmmme?" Turns out he couldn't. We have all the PC requirements but one so the game play just wouldn't be the same. Bummer. I felt bad and offered to go hang out at the bookstore at the other side of the parking lot. But no, he didn't want to do that. This was his one day off (he's currently working 6 days a week) and he wanted to spend it with me. Awwwwe.

He also wanted to get a Bob. See, he's been wanting another pet for awhile now. So have I. Sort of. I'd love a little kitty to play with and cuddle with but I really don't want to deal with all the stuff that pet owners have to deal with at the moment. The HB would prefer a dog, but we live in an apartment and that just wouldn't be very nice to trap a dog in an apartment all day long. So a cat it will be. The other day, the HB hinted about getting a cat. About how nice it would be to have the little kitty sitting between us on the couch.

"And we can name it Bob," he said. "And we can-"

I held up my hand and said, "Stop. You had me at 'Bob.' You had me at 'Bob.'"

That pushed me over the 'sort of' edge right into 'pretty much' area of wanting a kitty. A girl kitty. So that we can name her Bob. I love that name!

So as we were leaving CompUSA I asked the HB were he wanted to go next during his Big One Day Off Extravaganza. He said he wanted to find Bob. And while I kind of don't want a Bob right now (I'd actually like to be able to afford all the cool kitty accessories first, like food and stuff) I thought what the heck and caved. We went to PetSmart which was right across the street. And you know what? I girl was trying to get rid of a box full of kitties! I thought, "Is it kismet? Is Bob in that box?" Turns out he wasn't. We looked around PetSmart a bit, looked at all the fancy toys the HB wanted to buy. All I saw was expensive crap. So I wasn't very gung ho about it. On the way out, we looked at the box o' kitties, but then kept on walking. If the HB had picked one up and said, "Here's Bob" I probably would have agreed. Because I would love a little kitty to love. But later, in the car, he said that none of those were Bob. So no Bob for us. Maybe this weekend. The HB just got a HUGE promotion, so maybe I'll buy him a kitty as a Way To Go Big Stud present. Heh.

So that was Saturday. Or most of Saturday. Sunday I did laundry and went clothes shopping. Spent a lot of money. See? This is why I can't afford a kitty. I'm buying clothes! All necessary clothes too. Trust me. If you saw my wardrobe you'd be embarrassed to admit it. It's pathetic. But its getting better.

I was tired Sunday night, but managed to read a bit and write some notes on what I'd write for my first journal/summary/informal page and a half essay. I finished the reading assignment early on yesterday evening. Figured I'd have plenty of time to write up my two journals. No problem-o I thought. But I didn't figure in procrastination time. Sigh. By the time I got around to writing the journals up on the computer my eyes were tired. And the right eye started twitching like a death row inmate in the electric chair. So I figured I'd type up my notes, get the things about half way written, then I'd email them to myself and work on them today at work.

Only problem is I was so tired last night I skipped the whole 'emailing' part of the plan. D'oh! So I have no notes! &%$%^#! All that work for nothing. Grrrrrr. I might try calling the HB around noon. Hopefully he'll be up by then (because he works second shift) so I can ask him to email me my notes. I'm pretty sure I can work on the second journal here at work, but I'd hate to redo the first one. I came up with some really killer sentences in my sleepy daze last night. Sigh. Maybe I'll remember those killer sentences later...

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