Thursday, October 27, 2005

These new glasses don't help much with hand-eye coordination.

So many new things are going on and I haven't had the chance to share. Like, holyfriggincow I've got GLASSES! And I've volunteered to be a Municipal Liaison for my fellow regional NaNoWriMo-ers! And I'm surrounded by shifty foreigners at work who never let me make personal phone calls or play on the internet!

Both personal phone calling and internet playing are important requirements of the ML position. By play on internet I mean moderate my regional NaNoWriMo message board, post info on the Kickoff party, etc. It's surprisingly time consuming (and I'm not even doing that good of a job!). I'm also finding all kinds of spiffy cool writer stuff in the ML boards (hand made handbooks, help sheets, character name generators, etc.). I'm like a kid in the candy store. A very busy kid who only has time to ooh and ahh and drool at the candies behind the glass counters but doesn't have time to eat any of them. Sigh.

Last weekend was a busy weekend (well, Sunday was busy) and it's been a busy week so far. In fact, I'm sooooo busy I thought I'd dump water all over my heavily paper-strewn desk. Oy to the vey! It wasn't too bad. I only lost three post-it notes and two sheets of paper that were destined for the recycle bin later today anyway. The computer got a little wet but I think its fine.

Sigh. I'm going to try and post more later (I haven't posted in almost a week! *GASP*) but right now I'm overdue for a lunch break. And damn if there aren't still freaking donuts and muffins sitting on the ledge above my desk. Maybe I'll be dining on fiber this fine afternoon...


  1. i hate when work gets in the way like that. =\

  2. i know. don't they know i have better things to do? lol