Friday, October 07, 2005

Validation To Go - Fifty Word Fiction Friday Vol. 27

The 50 Word Fiction Friday theme this week is: validation.

I started working on this one at work, but didn't have time to finish it, so it sat in my head, taking up space, unfinished. Unrefined. Unflattering like some kind of... unflattering thing that I'd be able to make reference to if I weren't so sleepyhead-out-of-it. Since the following Fifty Word Fiction Friday submission might kinda sorta have some relation to the idea I'm toying with for NaNoWriMo I thought I'd play around with it bit tonight. Well, not just play with - I'm not always a completed-story tease - I actually finished it. Yeah! And I say 'might kinda sorta' about the possible NaNoWriMo story idea because I had this idea, thought it was freakin' perfect, but then after thinking about it a bit this afternoon I began to think that the idea, in fact, sucked royal tushie. But who knows... maybe it will seem like a brilliant idea once again in the morning. Sigh.

I'm not sure I'm making any sense. I usually don't when I feel this loopy. The brain is going, "put me to bed already for Jiminy Glick's sake!" and I'm all, "you're a big girl, you can stay up past 11" and the brain is all, "don't you get sassy with me miss thang or I'll make you bitch slap yourself" and I'm all, "oooooh" because the brain is holding all the really good comebacks hostage. I'd seriously love I to write this year's novel in the middle of the night when I'm totally looped out of my mind. That's when the best stuff comes out. :) Anyway, without further ado and crap like that...

Validation To Go

The reunion was tomorrow and Bob was desperate. His former classmates were out saving entire worlds while the closest he'd gotten to heroic adventure was working the grill at AstroBurgerHut. Bob sighed, then pulled up to the Make-a-Fake drive-thru speaker. He ordered a Newspaper Clipping Glorifying Recent Adventure. Superhero sized.

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