Tuesday, May 04, 2004

10 on Tuesday

I've done a few of these 'things people don't know about you' lists before, and for some reason felt compelled to do another one (because I like to talk about ME! it's all about ME!) so I tried to come up with all new answers. Hopefully I succeeded.

Ten Things We Probably Don't Know About You

I love reading old paperback novels. The smell, the delicate feel of the ageing paper... just gives me warm fuzzies inside. Don't know why. The book I'm reading right now (until I go to the store after work today and pick up the new Charlaine Harris) is an oldie, published back in 1953. Do you know how much money it sold for? 75 cents. That's right, the book cost LESS THAN A DOLLAR! Nowadays they cost about 7 dollars!

Last night I watched the japanese and French trailers for the new Harry Potter movie. I watched each one several times in fact. ::blushes:: But hey, these trailers have new footage! New footage! :)

The first time I remember using a Mac I didn't like it. At all. I was in a seventh grade computer class and thought the computers was dumb. Mainly because they were different than the ones I were used to at home. Then I took an art class in college. In that class I got to play around with photoshop, on a Mac of course. And I fell in love.

It was a brief affair though, because I wasn't willing to give up my PC and run away with the Mac. Mainly because of money issues, 'cause I had a working computer so why get another one when you can't afford it and all that rubbish, but still... I still have warm gooey flashbacks of that Mac and its drawing software.

When I was 5 years old I broke the towel rack in the bathroom I shared with my brother. I quickly put it back to make it look like it was still attached to the wall. Then I talked my brother (who was either 2 or 3 years old at the time) into hanging from it. He did, and of course it broke off the wall. I pretended to be shocked. He thought he broke it, and so did my parents. And I said nothing to the contrary. I was a bad sister then. But in my defense I'd like to remind the court that I was only FIVE years old at the time.

And my brother has certainly made up for it since, without even knowing it, several times over. Like the time he stole my special dinosaur stickers and stuck them all over his dresser. Oh how I mourned the loss of my cute little dinosaur stickers!

I am a lover of t-shirts. Big time lover. They are my favorite article of clothing (mainly because I have yet to find a Wonder Woman bra/panty set in my size). When I'm finally working at my Ultimate Dream Job I'll be allowed to wear t-shirts if I want to. Because that will be one of the reasons that makes it Ultimate. The Snack Studs (hunky studly men who are on staff for the sole purpose of bringing me snacks and refilling my soda cup) will have the option of wearing t-shirts as well. They will also have the option of NOT wearing t-shirts, i.e. going shirtless. Because I'm talking ult here people!

You know how when you're little, or even not so little, and your parents do something you think is mean, or totally unfair, and you make a solemn vow to never be like that when you grow up with your own kids.

"I won't ever make my kids eat icky mushy peas if they don't want to!"

You know, that sort of thing? Well, one of my favorite all time favorite t-shirts had Spot (the 7-up red dot logo with the cool shades) on it. I loved that shirt, and wore it until it got holes in it. I wore it after it got holes in it. Because the holes made it that much more awesome. That shirt was loved like a one-eyed teddy bear coming apart at the seams.

Then one day the Spot shirt disappeared. I later found out that my mom had thrown it away. Just because it had a little hole in it. Mean mommy! I vowed then and there that when I grew up I wouldn't throw my children's favorite t-shirts away just because they had holes in them.

Now that I am older and wiser I realize that it's possible I might change my mind on this subject, once I actually have children. But then again, I might not. Because I still know the value of a good t-shirt. :)

When I was younger (elementary school-ish I think) I took my little Mc Donald's sand castle building bucket and filled it up with backyard dirt. Then I planted some seeds in the dirt. But they weren't just any old seeds. They were the seeds from the orange I had just consumed. I was curious to see if anything would grow from them. So I watered the orange seeds diligently. And tended to my Mc Donald's sand castle bucket with great care. I was so very proud of myself when grass grew. Most people would call the green stuff weeds, but whatever dude. I was a gardening genius!

When I was in middle school (junior high) my lunch often consisted of a pizza pocket, jack-n-the-box style curly fries, dr. pepper or crystal clear pepsi (which was popular my 8th grade year I believe - man I loved that stuff), and cafeteria-made chocolate chip cookies. It wasn't the healthiest of lunches, but I loved it. And right now it sounds really freaking good.

Dang it. Now I'm hungry!

The sound of fingernails being scratched down a chalkboard doesn't bother me. Well, not as much as it bothers some people. Some people freak out and get all spazzy when they here that sound. Not me.

Some employee here just called me Honey. Now, he's old, and doesn't speak really good English, so maybe it's just an 'old foreign man' thing to call a young woman honey. But it bothers the hell out of me every time he does it. Like fingernails on a chalkboard bother some people. I don't think I'll ever say anything about it to him though. It's nothing really to make an issue out of. Just enough of an issue to make me want to bitch about it.

Sometimes I really want to slap people. Seriously slap them. Repeatedly. I want to slap them for being stupid. I want to slap them in order to shut them up. I want to slap them just for the sake of slapping them until they cry like the little bitches they are. I mainly only feel this way at work. And in line at the post office. And walking around the mall. And...

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