Monday, May 24, 2004

my leg muscules can be very grumpy in the morning

my muscles hurt. a lot of the leg ones. and a few of the arm ones. all because i helped a friend move into her new apartment yesterday. now, i'm not blaming the friend for my soreness, because i knew the risks before i accepted the mission. plus, i was rewarded greatly with pizza and beer. (really good beer that i'd never tried before. i wonder if it tastes as good if you drink it without the whole exercising/heavy lifting thing a few hours before.)

and i'm not blaming it on a lack of muscle in-shape-ness on my part (because that would just be silly). no, i'm blaming it on those damn birds that screeched and squaked and screeched outside my window at the ungodly hour of 8 o'clock in the morning. on a weekday for crying out loud! i don't mind moving boxes on a weekday, i just want to be able to sleep in first. sheesh. stupid birds.

since the weather was really nice, the HB and i left the windows open saturday night when we went to bed. the downside to that is that everything that happens within a few feet of our apartment bedroom window is amplified a gabillion-fold. honestly. this is not an exaggeration.

so the bird screeching was really annoying. and it didn't stop there. the screeching birds followed me to my friend's house. and camped outside on the telephone poles and squaked some more. bastards.

they left after awhile and we were able to, in peace and quiet, haul boxes from the u-haul, carry them up a flight of stairs, and into the new digs. i don't know how, but i'm sure their screeching made my leg muscles all crampy. and then all that treking up and down the stairs made it worse. so that this morning, as i stumbled out of bed on my way to the peepee room, my leg muscles were forced to yell, 'hey, what the hell are you doing using us? go back to bed!'

i'm not badly sore. just enough sore to make me feel bitchy. and its always good to have an excuse for the bitchiness. :)

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