Tuesday, May 18, 2004

banana phone

its really hectic here at work. i mean, they've got me actually calling people and talking with them and stuff. ack! i have this thing about phones. and communicating with people. i'm just not good at it.

i don't want to have to call vendors and get information from them. but i have to. and i'm dealing with it quite marvelously, thanks for asking. its a strange phone phobia i have. i just really dislike talking to people over the phone. i don't know why, i sound like just as much of an idiot over the phone as i do in person...

talking to my friends i don't mind. because they're cool. but other people, strangers, i really don't want to converse with over the phone. i think i have a phone trauma from my childhood i'm suppressing. i'd explain, but well, i have to make a phone call. and i have to prep myself for it.

its crazy busy here now that one of my office mates is out, recovering from surgery. me and the other office guy are having to pick up the slack. and its a lot of slack to be picking up. bleagh. leaves me little time to goof off! unfortunately, at work, the reading and writing of blogs falls under the heading of Goof Off Time. oh the injustice of it all!

i do have time to listen to this song about a banana phone though. i found it at Lee's site. so thank you Lee. because this is, like, the greatest song EVER. i'm listening to it so much, i find myself giggling at random moments. for no reason. and all the giggling is making me think i'm suddenly funny.

someone in the office asked, "when are we going to do line 9?" and i chimed in with my best (which is a notch above horrible) Groucho Marx voice, "who's line 9 and does she have a sister?!" then i was consumed with uncontrollable giggling for several minutes.

oh lordy help me.

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