Friday, May 14, 2004

week of suck draws to a close

I just finished writing up a 'my version of events' of something that happened this morning. And since I really didn't see anything my version was very short. Had to email it to the boss for record keeping. Fun stuff.

Turns out this trouble maker, let's call him Trouble Making Fuck Head, no wait... that's too long... let's call him Chad. Turns out that 'Chad' is up to his old tricks.

You see, there was a meeting this morning at 5:30. That's right. 5:30 IN THE FREAKING MORNING! Which meant I had to come in a half hour early. I almost missed it, because I forgot to set an alarm last night. Because I fell asleep early (my body's still tired from being sicky-poo and all). But I still managed to wake up around the time I normally wake up, so I jumped out of bed and rushed around like a chicken with its head in an electrical outlet, got dressed, got the armpits deodorized and the teeth toothpasted and rinsed and the hair brushed and the pants zipped before dashing out the door. Let me tell you, anxious mad morning dashing is not a good thing to do when your stomach has been a big ball of cramps all week. Poor tummy wummy.

So anyways, waking up a few minutes earlier than normal, and mad dashing, helped me get to work a half hour early. So I got to the meeting on time. Go me! And the damn thing lasted about fifteen minutes. If that. I don't know why I had to be there. But whatever. It just means I get to leave early today. Like in a few minutes. woot!

So anyways... meeting was boring. There was about 8 of us in the little conference room. One guy read some safety procedure to the group while the group tried not to fall asleep. Then we signed the paper saying we'd paid attention and knew how to behave safely. The head guy talked for about another few minutes, and the old guy next to me, I'll call him 'Stu', was getting antsy to leave. He kept telling me to leave, so that he could leave. He'd jerk his head toward the door, trying to egg me on. But I wasn't ready to start work yet. So I just looked at 'Stu' and gave him a big cheesy grin. So 'Stu', having to take matters into his own hands, stood up as soon as the head guy stopped talking. No more talking, no more meeting, stand up before someone asks a question. Good way to go about dinky little meetings like this.

So Stu stands up from the table, and so does Chad, who was sitting behind Stu, away from table. I guess Chad is anti social like that. Anyway, the meeting was over and there was some good-natured ribbing going on. Stu said something (if I could remember anything specific that was said, I'd type it, because it might be amusing, but I can't remember it all too well and it would take too long to explain the little bit that I do) as he walked out the door and everyone chuckled. Then someone else said something else and everyone chuckled. That's all that I noticed, because that's when someone stood up right in front of me and blocked my path to the door. Moron.

What I heard happened next was that Chad, who was walking out the door, made a snide comment about Stu, who was right behind him. Chad is claiming that Stu then pushed him into the doorway. Or the wall outside or something. And now his back is hurt again.

One HigherUpThanMe and Mr. BigBossMan asked me this and I said that I saw nothing, heard nothing. Because it's a ridiculous claim! How does this guy think he can get away with it? There were people in the room. Even if no one was looking directly at them, we would have seen it in our peripheral vision. Mr. BigBossMan wasn't happy with Chad's description of what happened, because he kept changing his mind about things. And when Mr. BigBossMan tried to clarify Chad's statement, Chad got all defensive. Mr. BigBossMan said to me that he thought Chad was trying to use it as an excuse to get a nice long summer vacation.

I have this creepy feeling that Chad will get away with it. I HIGHLY doubt anyone will corroborate his statement. Mr. BigBossMan doesn't think its credible. And yet I bet Chad is crafty enough and clever enough to worm his way around things and get the time off. And there's nothing this company can do about it. And if there is, they're too stupid to do anything, so nothing will get done. It's just so frustrating.

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