Thursday, May 20, 2004

S. H. I. T.

So Happy It's Thursday

And I'm so happy it's almost time for me to go home! Woo!

Actually it's not. I've still got a couple hours. :(

But that won't stop me from happy banana dancing and singing about bananular phones.

Because seriously, I can't get that song out of my head. My brain prefers to keep it in constant loopage. I'll be typing away, doing my masterfully typing thing, and all of a sudden I'll be consumed with the desire to burst out in song. Consumed I tell you! All's quiet on the office front... and then all of a sudden I'm singing out loud. "Ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone!"

It's a wee bit embarrassing. Because people look at you funny when you do things like that.

I, of course, being the bad ass that I am, gave those people the patent 'I'm Gonna Kick Your Ass If You Keep Lookin At Me Like That' look (that I named Blue Steel) and they all cowered and apologized and showered me in compliments. Naturally. But between their funny looks and my Ass Kicking Beat Down Stare O' Death® there was a bit of awkwardness in the air. And that's never good to have in the work place. So I need to stop listening to the banana phone song.

First, though, I think I need to find me a banana phone song patch, so that I may slowly wean myself off from its silly goodness.

Okay. Enough dancing for now. Time to go be Computer Guru Goddess Supreme®.

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