Monday, May 17, 2004

some 'thank you's are in order

I'd like to thank the makers of the new movie Troy for believing that Achilles slept in the nude. I'd like to thank them for incorporating this into the film. More than once. I'd like to thank whoever is responsible for making that 41 year old body look so damn good. I'd like to thank the makers of DVD and the rewind button and the pause button. Because even though this one scene (featuring side view of yummy naked Brad Pitt thigh and butt) will forever be burned in my memory, I think I'll need to re-watch that scene a few times. Because oh yes, I will be buying that movie when it comes out.

Actually, I don't think I'll need to buy it. The HB liked it enough that he'll probably buy it as soon as it comes out. Because he liked all the fighting and blood and manly stuff like that. Not because Eric Bana and Orlando Bloom look so good in their Sparta skirts and robes. Heh. :)

On the drive home from the theater we were talking about the movie and the HB says, "They made Brad Pitt look good."

And my initial thought was, "Hell yeah he looked good."

But I refrained from commenting. And the HB continued on about how they made Brad Pitt look like such a great fighter. Oh. Made him look like a good fighter. Yes. Most definitely. Uh huh.

So, uh... yeah. Good movie. ::thumbs up:: :)

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