Friday, May 14, 2004

something else frustrating to note

how is it that i eat the EXACT SAME THING as the boyfriend and i get WAY more sick than he does? is that fair?

i think not!

he wakes up in the middle of the night with massive stomach cramps, goes to the potty room and poos it all out. then he gets back in bed and he's fine.

me? i wake up, go to the potty room and upchuck the Evil Pastrami. then for the rest of the day i'm stuck battling a fever and headache and full body chills and aches and massive stomach ickiness. i'm over it by the following day, but my stomach aches and headaches are still there the next day. and my pooing has been all out of whack for the whole week.


is that fair? is that fucking fair???

and he's the one who picked the damn restaurant. the HB soooooooo owes me one. :)

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