Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Baby's First Blog Post From School

Hey! Look at me, look at me – I'm blogging from school. Wheee! Mark it down on a calendar or post-it note or restroom stall door!

I love getting overly exciting about things that aren't really that exciting. No wait, this is exciting! I'm surrounded by my fellow academs, sitting at computers so it looks like we're doing homework/research and not emailing/surfing for naughty things! Wheee!

Not that I'm surfing, naughty or otherwise. No Sir Edwin Bob.

Is it called surfing I'm staying in one place/one site? Didn't think so. I guess you could say I'm floating more than I'm surfing.

Hehehe. I'm a floater. Hehehe.

Gawd I'm tired. Or at least I was this morning. The two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I had for lunch* did a mighty fine job of restoring my strength points. Now I'm only feeling semi-loopy.

Could you tell? No? Darn, I'll have to try harder next time.

And about those pb&j sandwiches... well... don't tell Mr. Librarian Computer Watchman Dude that's patrolling the aisles that I've got half a sandwich still in my backpack and I plan on eating somewhere in this here library. I am rebel, hear me chew!

Okay, I've got 43 minutes left before this here computer kicks me off and I still want to write up my answers for Tuesday is Chooseday. Oh, the pressure! Then I'm going to find me a nice quiet little corner of the library where I can sneak quick sandwich bites and try and finish my reading assignment for tomorrow in about an hours time (ha! so not going to happen!). Why only an hour? Because I have class at 7pm. Oh, the pressure! Good thing I finished my homework assignment that's due tonight while I was at work today or else I wouldn't have time to type this right now. :)

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