Friday, August 12, 2005

Does drinking fancy water make me fancy by association? Because nothing else will dammit!

1) people can be so mean to their kitty cats. (teehee)

(link via tj)

2) I'm drinking very hoity-toity water right now. It's Acqua Panna and it comes, as the label reads, "From the Hills of Tuscany". Pretty freaking wow, eh? Yeah, that's what I thought. I was expecting it, the water, to taste... oh I don't know... foreign. Or somehow better... richer... tastier. It tastes good, nice and crisp and very quenching, but it also tastes pretty much like a lot of other bottled waters I've drank. (Except for the brand that rhymes with Peefina. That shit is just nasty. Bleagh.)

But even though it doesn't taste particularly fancy, I still feel fancy drinking it. Because come on! It's from the 'hills of Tuscany' and I've never been anywhere near Tuscany! If I can't go to Tuscany, I'll drink its water and dream.

And no, I didn't go out of my way and actually pay a fancy amount of money for fancy water in a fancy looking bottle from a fancy little foreign town with fancy little hills. I'm not that kind of girl.

It's a, how you say, work perk. ;)

Other companies might give away hundred dollar bonus and prizes for showing up every other Tuesday and coveted covered parking spots to Employees of the Month but at my company I get free water.