Friday, August 12, 2005

Maybe when I get up to a hundred I'll finally cave

Reason #62 why I want a camera phone: on my way to work today, while I was stopped at a red light, I was looking at the car in front of me and noticed that his 'hey look at me I'm so patriotic I've got a big fucking ribbon sticker on my car' was not red/white/blue or yellow, like those stickers normally are. So I looked closer and saw that his black and green ribbon sticker read as such: SUPPORT ROAD HEAD. As incredibly high as this ranks on the male bs meter, it made me laugh out loud. And it made me wish I had a camera handy to record the view for posterity.

Reason #61 came into existence while we were waiting for the Barry Manilow concert to start. The place was packed, we were all in our seats, counting down the seconds, and disco music was playing over the speakers. At the top of the hour the show hadn't started. The natives were getting restless. Then a particularly groovething-shaking song came on which inspired one of the ladies a few rows in front of us (who was there with about ten of her girlfriends) to stand up and boogie. And boy could she boogie! She was fantastic! All kinds of people around us started pulling out their cameras (both cell and non cell) and I wished for the umpteenth time that I had a camera phone. One of these days I'll get one. Just as soon as I'm offered a free one. :) Either that or I need to talk Santa into giving me a tiny little super powerful digital camera that I can slip into my pocket like a cell phone for xmas. Oh Santa baby...

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