Friday, August 26, 2005

The Cautious Jigger - my 50 Word Fiction Friday submission

The Cautious Jigger

Having made sure the coast was clear, she stole across the room with cautious step. Then something awful happened. Her new shoes squeaked against the tiled floor! Heads of coworkers quickly popped up above their cubicles.

"Going back for a third piece of pie, eh Carol?"

The jig was up.

The 50 Word Fiction Friday theme this week is: the number 3.

This weeks inspiration: the peach pudding/custard pie that's sitting on the ledge of the cubicle Right Next To Mine! I had a piece of pie. I did. And it was goooooood. Several people have been spotted lingering by the pie, contemplating a second piece. Some have remained strong. And managed to walk away with only a quiet whimper. Most have succumbed to the pleasure that is the heavenly goodness of fresh peach slices and whip cream and custard and thin slivers of almonds and an ever-so-slight drizzle of caramel syrup and ohmygawd that crust is divine!

I am one of the former. No, really. I am! I don't even want a second piece. Honestly!

But I am seriously thinking about doing a quick walk-by and snagging a loose piece of crust. Divine!

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