Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Caution: Sarcasm Chasms Ahead

(Well, they're not really chasms, just a few instances of, but it rhymed and I got nothing else so what's a girl to do? Get on with the post, that's what.)

tuesday is chooseday

Would you rather...

1. be a fan of the visiting team at a sporting event OR be a member of the opposite political party at a political rally?

Well, since I'd rather go to a sporting event than a political rally I'd choose the first one. As long as I don't wear a 'Your Team Sucks' t-shirt I should be alright.

Though going to a political rally could be fun interesting. I could see how the other side lives, giggle at all the asinine things they say, throw it down The Daily Show style and... nah, I think I'd still go see a sporting event.

2. visit a biker bar dressed as george w. bush OR visit a monastery dressed as a biker?

Now, are we talking about White House George or Vacation George? Because I'm all for dressing in jeans and a t-shirt and vacationing on big ranches for weeks on end.

But then again, I've always wanted to dress as a biker... so... I think I'd choose that one.

3. spend an entire month completely nude OR wear the same underwear for two weeks without washing it?

The same unwashed undies for two weeks is a bit much. One week I might have considered it, but two? That's just a tad bit gross. Grosser than me being completely starkers.

I'd rather spend an entire month completely nude, after, of course, I make sure I've got 4 weeks of vacation time and a house/apartment fully stocked with all the necessities of life I'll ever possibly need in a months time.

4. look and talk like Steve Urkel OR look and talk like Michael Jackson?

Oh holy mother of cheese whiz! Who'd want to look like Michael Jackson?!? That's one hell of a heebeejeebee looking mofo. Besides, Urkel is kinda sexy when he snorts, so I'd have that going for me. :)

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