Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I'm feeling the frustrations of a thousand goats.

I have no idea what the above post title means. The guy sitting behind me said it a moment ago and it made me giggle. Because I'm losing my mind.

Because bzz bzz bzz I'm a busy little bee today. Just like yesterday. Sigh.

I'd love to write about this weekend, about how much fun I had in Las Vegas, about how much I love hanging out with my family, about how I laughed until I hurt (on several occasions), about how much money I lost, about the celebrity I saw ("How come you always see the celebrities and I don't?!" said my mom as I gloated) and about how wonderfully awesome Barry Manilow is. I'd like to write about it all, but I just don't have the time right now. Hopefully I'll get around to it later in the week, even if it is just a rundown of highlights.

But for now I'm busy playing a bit of catch up at work. Which is hard to do since the boss's boss has a new project for me to work on because it's taken priority over the Must Be Done Now's and the Should Have Been Done Last Friday's. When the boss's boss asked me when I could have this thing ready for him I went and told him the truth. Silly me. Didn't pad it with an extra day or anything. Sheesh. I really need to be work on my Quick Lie To The Boss reflexes.

While I've got a hundred different work related Things To Do floating around in my head, fighting for dominance ("Do me first!" "No! Do me first!") I've got a bunch of other stuff bounce-house bouncing around in the brain. This 'other stuff' is school related. After a... *tries to do complicated math after long brain-draining day* more than a couple of years hiatus from college, I'm finally jumping back on the wagon in the saddle. Go me!

Only thing is, I just had to go and get this 'hey, I want to go to this school and major in this subject and I want to start right now!' kind of epiphany at the last minute. So I'm up against some deadlines. And its stressing me out juuuuust a wee bit.

One thing that's got me worried are these Personal Statement questions I have to answer on my application. Because I don't know what to write about! Well, I do have a few ideas... I just want to make sure my answers are really, really good, you know? Because what if it comes down to me and some other person and we both have excellent transcripts and we both want to major in an English related field but I'm the one with the worstest grammar? I'm good at writing bullshit answers though, I should be able to manage. Yeah, I know, I'll manage just fine. Just as soon as I sit my ass down and do it. :) (Which will be tonight, no matter how long it takes me!)


  1. ah yes... catch-up time! i'm still trying to play catch-up from when i went to vegas. isn't it fun? good luck to ya. :)

  2. oh indeed! fun fun funny fun. its so much fun it should be illegal. or at least heavily sanctioned.

    maybe if i say its fun one more time i'll actually start to believe it.