Monday, August 29, 2005

Does this thinking cap clash with my shoes?

I have a quiz today - my first quiz as a Super Duper College Returnee - and I'll be taking it in, oh, 90 minutes from now. Eek!

I'm starting to feel a little antsy in my pantsy.

I'm pretty sure it will be a piece of cake. Its just a handful of multiple choice questions - my favorite kind of test. Some people hate multiple choice question tests. They'd rather write answers to essay questions.

I think these people are strange.

Because while I can rock the essay questions, and I can rock them goooood, I'd much rather just pick and choose from a collection of possibilities. It just seems easier to me.

Now true and false questions? I hate those evil effers. There's usually one or two that trips me up. No, just give me multiple choice question tests and I'm as happy as a beaver in a poppy field.

So I'm pretty sure this quiz will be a piece of easy-bake-oven cake. And I'm pretty sure the fifteen minutes I'll spend studying right before class (as long as I don't have to park out in BFE again) will be enough prep time. But still... antsy!


  1. i did* do super. thanks! :)

    * i did, as long as i didn't mark C when i meant to mark B (which i've been known to do in the past).