Friday, July 29, 2005

Bleach Banket Blingo

Okay, so here's the thing. I signed up with Blingo the other day because I am a terminally optimistic person. I truly believe that I'll win a prize. If I search/play long enough, that is. Because I'm gonna win, dang it, no matter how long it takes!

Oh how want to win an ipod so I can be cool like all the cool kids. Wouldn't mind the portable playstation either. Or the money. :)

Blingo, which is a search engine powered by Google, gives away prizes every day at random times. All you have to do is hit the search but at the right time and you win a prize! How cool is that?

Best part is that you, dear reader, can help me win cool status points (via the winning of cool prizes). If you sign up for Blingo as one of my friends, and you win something, I get the same prize! Which means you can get your friends to sign up and use Blingo until they win, thereby making you a winner too.

And the green grass grows all around, all around. And the green grass grows all around.

Oh, and another reason for signing up at Blingo (as one of my friends *hint hint*)... cool buttons!


I love that little catwoman chick. She's a bad-ass (notice the huge knife handing from her hip), but a bad-ass with spunk. She's my kind of gal.

So come on!

Every lad and every lassie
grab a boy and a girl
*mumble mumble because I can't remember the words to the next line*
and give it a whirl!
Beach Blanket Bli-i-ingo
Beach Blanket Bli-i-ingo
Beach Blanket Bli-i-ingo
That's the name of...
that's the name of the...
that's the name of the game!

Sheesh. I can't believe I can't remember the words to Beach Blanket Bingo!!! I also can't believe that I can't find the lyrics anywhere. Are there no Frankie and Dee Dee fans out there in internet land that feel compelled to chronicle the marvey lyrics to beach movie songs? No? Well, that's just sad. Sad I tell you!

I think I just found my next project. :)

Aside from the Using Blingo Until I Win An IPOD Because I Can't Afford To Buy One project, of course.

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