Monday, July 25, 2005

George is a popular name for a cow. Don't ask me why. It just is.

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned being at Costco and recognizing the guy up on the platform trying to sell fancy cookware to uninterested costumers? Remember how I said I recognized him from movies (and/or tv) but I couldn't remember from what specifically?

It drove me crazy not being able to remember where I'd seen him before. I was going to make it one of my Missions In Life (second only to Giving Names To All The Cows I Drive By During Road Trips) to solve The Mystery of The Familiar Costco Pitchman if I had to. Because by gum, I was going to figure out who he was if it killed me!

Every now and then I'd picture the guy, not how I saw him in Costco, but how I saw him in a particular movie/tv spot. He had a certain look on his face that stuck in my head. Only problem is that's all I could remember: him. I couldn't recall anything in the background that would help me place the image.

This weekend I was watching tv, the movie Twister in particular, when it finally happened. I saw him!

I was a little bummed that I hadn't figured it out on my own, a talent that I like to list at the top of my resume (Hobbies: I can name that movie that Person-Who-Looks-Vaguely-Familiar was in in three notes.) But I was also glad to finally have a name to go with a face!

I got the name from Since it wasn't the movie Twister that I remembered him from, as his part is kind of small, I scrolled down his list of credits to see if anything seemed familiar. I went, 'oh, that's right, he was in that movie' a couple of times, but nothing struck me as 'THIS is the movie I was thinking of'.

Then I read his 'mini biography'. And down at the bottom, under the trivia part, it says he's best known for the Aaron Burr 'got milk?' commercial.

Now that's where I remember him from!!!!!

Remember that commercial? A radio station DJ, for some big money giveaway contest, asks 'who shot Alexander Hamilton in that famous duel' and the guy at home is obviously obsessed with the duel and if anyone is going to know the answer its this guy so he calls the radio station, gets through, and before he can say the answer he takes a bite of his peanut butter sandwich which causes him to talk funny so he tries to wash the peanut butter away with some milk but oh the horror there is no more milk! The guy tries to say Aaron Burr over and over again ("Awooon Buuuhh... AWOOON BUUUHH!") but it just doesn't work. The DJ can't understand him. And the Awooon Buuuhh aficionado doesn't win the money. Fuh-nee!

That bit at the end of the commercial, when he mumbles Awooon Buuuhh and looks so defeated, that's the look that was imprinted in my mind. That's the image I kept seeing when I tried to remember where I'd seen him before. And that commercial aired how long ago? Over ten years ago? No wonder it I couldn't remember the rest of the commercial.

So yeah. I saw the Awooon Buuuhh Got Milk Guy (or the identical twin that he doesn't have, or his doppelganger) at my Costco.

How'd'ya like dem apples?

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