Friday, July 08, 2005

FifWoFicFri Volume 14

The 50 Work Fiction Friday theme this week is road trips. Oh how I love the road trips!

Well, short road trips that is. I know people who could drive for hours and hours and hours, by themselves, non stop, and never get tired. And they enjoy it. Silly people. If I'm driving, I can only go for about four hours before I get completely stir crazed. I can last a couple of hours more if I'm not driving, or if I have some friends in the car with me. And some good tunes. If I have those two road trip essentials packed (the friends and the tunes) then the driving is fun, no matter where you're going. Unless you break down along the way, that is. So uh... yeah. Road trips! Woo!

The following 50 Word Fiction is autobiographical. And, if I have time, the other stories I'll post will be autobiographical too. If I don't get around to them, well, maybe I'll blow them up into a full blown post. The one staring 'Mr. Winky' will probably require more than 50 words to do it justice.

And now, without further ado...

Quality Girl Time
(The Karaoke Road Trip - circa Summer of '96)

Fleeing to the beach as per the family Three Day Weekend ritual, Dad leads the way in the RV. Me and mom follow in the car for some quality Girl Time. We stop chatting just long enough to sing If I Had A Hammer at the top of our lungs.

[ I love driving places with my mom. Especially when we have the Peter, Paul and Mary's Greatest Hits cassette playing in the cassette player. And especially when we start singing If I Had A Hammer at the very tippy toppiest of our lungs. Sigh. Good Times. Too bad I had to grow up and move away from home. Now there's no more road trips to the beach with the family. :( ]

Late Night Pickup
(The 'At Least We Had The Foresight To Stock Up On Tacos' Road Trip - circa Spring of '99)

It's midnight. We're all dangerously bored, craving some excitement. Rick suggests driving an hour to fetch his girlfriend. Road trip! After buying enough Taco Bell to feed a small chess team we're cruising down the freeway, completely carefree. Then a tire blows out.

Some excitement? We should've been more specific.

[ Me and the HB were hanging out in our friend's dorm room, and we were completely and utterly bored. And driving an hour in the middle of the night to pick up another friend who we hadn't seen in months sounded like the best idea in the world. What could possibly be better than some spontaneous fun? Unfortunately, we never made it. Fortunately, however, the tire blew out right after we passed a car repair shop. The one car repair shop that was out there in the middle of no where. Ahhh... the exciting life of a college dorm resident with nothing to do. Good times, that was. Good times.]

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