Friday, July 08, 2005

Temptation Cubicle

I just wasted spent about a half hour doing a very low key office arts and crafts project. I programmed the speed dial buttons on my phone and made little name tags for them. The first four buttons are now labeled for the four coworkers I bother call the most. The last three buttons aren't programmed. But they have the potential to be. So I thought I might as well go ahead and label them too. They're labeled minion #5, minion #6, and minion #7, respectively.

A few minutes ago, a coworker and our boss were hanging out at my desk. The coworker said, "hey, I thought you weren't coming in today?"

The Boss said hadn't planned to, but something came up. He'd be here for a couple of hours, take off at lunch to go home for a bit, then go to the other facility he's a boss at.

I said I wish I could take off at lunch and go home. And not come back.

And The Boss said, "go ahead."

Swear to all that's pink and fuzzy, he said, 'go ahead.' How cool is that? I looked at him like, 'huh?' and he looked totally serious. He shrugged his shoulders in a 'hey, if you want to its cool with me' sort of gesture. Which is totally bitchin' cool. And way too damn tempting.

"Oh don't say that," I said. "it's too tempting."

Very tempting.

But I have too much work to do today. Monday will be more of a bitch than normal if I don't get most, if not all, of it done today. And what's wrong with hanging out at work the last couple of hours, really? All I'll do with my free time is go home, and not be at work and... wait, not a good example.

Oh, I need the money! Yeah. Money as a motivator. Need to work as many hours as possible, including a bit of overtime next week if the Higher Ups allow it (its tight budget time - but I need to do some training, so they'll allow it), to pay for the Borders shopping spree I went on last night. Damn you Borders for being so enticing with all your newly arranged books and cd's and fancy, shiny, pretty, cutesy shit.

So I'll just save this 'Get Out Of Jail Free' card for a more rainier day.

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