Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Once Upon A Lunch Break...

... I started to write a little story.

I also dared to eat a tomato while wearing a white shirt. Me, the girl with the Food Magnet Boobs, eating a potentially messy food! I live on the edge bay-bee!

Anywhoo, there's this story I started to write. It's sort of a prologue, an introduction of sorts, with no real substance involved. I only get a half hour lunch break, there was no time for substance! I thought I'd post what I've got so far in case anyone out there was as bored with work as I am. :) There's a cliffhanger at the end, so read at your own risk.

Once Upon A Time in the land of Nessalee, there lived a fair young maiden by the name of Leah. She was kind (waiting until a person's back was turned to make rude hand gestures) and pretty (in a vague non-ogre-ish sort of way) and a whiz at making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Despite all this, her life was not a happy one. It was, as they say, nothing to write home about. Oh how Leah wished she had something exciting to write about, something to share with her sorority sisters other than the mundane details of her banal existence. She was tired of getting letters from Cinderella, Snow White and Aurora, letters filled with boasts about their wonderful new lives, and not being able to send the same. In those letters, the girls went on and on about their boyfriends; how charming they were, how cute and studly they were, how big their swords were...

It was enough to make a girl still locked up in a cubicle turn green with jealous!

For you see, Lord Meanie, Leah's evil stepboss, kept her locked in a cubicle at the very top of Officia Castle, way up on the second floor where there was no chance for escape. Where no studly Prince Charmings with big heroic swords would ever drop by. Where her choices for excitement were sadly limited.

Or so she thought, until one day...

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