Sunday, July 10, 2005

Time for the bloggy Terrible Twos?

happy birthday to my blog
happy birthday to my blog
happy birthday to my little dinky faboulus blooooooog.
happy birthday to my blog

My blog is now dis many... *holds up two fingers*

Two years ago today I set up an account with blogger and was faced with my first blogging challenge. I have to come up with a web address and a title? Crap! So I pulled a title out of thin air (thought about pulling it out of my ass but opted for a bit of class.) I didn't really like the title, and still don't, but I had to call it something and figured the r.a.o.s.t.-y title would do. For the mean time, that is. I'm still planning on changing it... as soon as I think of something better. (Problem word there is think. Heh.)

Well, so, after that brilliant blog title brainstorming session I posted my first ever entry. I'd like to say it was full of witty remarks, of imaginative insight and all around funny goodness. But it wasn't. I wrote one 'test' entry, then I was so amazed that it worked and so overpowered with how cool I'd suddenly become that I didn't post again until the following day. And that post? It was just a personal little shout out to Self for figuring out how to mess with the template. I changed the colors. Oooooh... colors!

I had no idea what I was doing.

And I still don't, sometimes, but thankfully that hasn't stopped me yet. :)

Last year's post on this day wasn't any better than the first year's. Mainly because there wasn't one. I posted a couple of days after my one-year-blog-iversary largely to whine about how I hadn't updated in awhile due to the stress that was the Big Bad Scary Corporate Audit. Ahhhh... those were fun times. Some days, I'll be sitting at work, and it will feel like those fun times never left.

And this year's post? I'd like to say it's full of witty remarks, imaginative insight, and abundantly full of funny goodness. But it's not. Because I just don't have time for that shit today. (I have a birthday present for the blog still to finish. As well as an ugly amount of laundry to do.)

But I will say this: To all the people who read my little bits of writings and still *gasp* come back for more, I thank you. And to all the people who've taken the time to comment, here's a great big thank you snoopy kiss...


... because y'all rock the cat box! Especially Jodi and Judy and Zoink. They've racked up so many frequent commenter miles that if I had a fancy blog that kept that kind of stats they'd rank right up at the top of the list.

Now, in honor of its second birthday, I made the blog a new outfit. (I would have liked to buy it a new home as well, but that's another story). The new party dress needs a few more alterations. And maybe an extra bow here. And maybe a few spangly sparkly things over there.

But first I have to pull my clothes out of the drier.

*mumble mumble stupid clothes that don't wash themselves mumble mumble*


  1. hooray! happy birthday loon's blog!

    do i get to cash in my Frequent Commentor Miles for fun and fabulous prizes??

  2. I love the new look! :)


  3. of course you do judy! and as soon as i figure out what those fun and fabulous prizes are exactly, i'll let you know ;)

    glad you likes it Z!