Sunday, July 10, 2005

Fried I tell ya! Fuh-ride!

Okay, so the blog has its new party dress on and its ready to boogie! Woo!

The new outfit isn't behaving like it should, but after all the anal tweaking I've done the last two days I'm ready to throw in the keyboard and say, 'Fuck iiiiiiit! It's good enough.'

If I spelled anything wrong, or if I forgot to change some colors, or if anything just doesn't look right, please feel free to point and laugh in the comments section. Seriously. Laugh until you pee yourself.

I might come back some time later and tinker around and fix all the irksome little problem bastards before anyone notices. More than likely though, I'll get fixated on something else and won't bother tidying up around here. Either way, any fixing won't be done tonight. My brain is fried.


  1. i think the new "dress" looks lovely! great job. :)

  2. :) thanks. its a simple tea party dress rather than a rockstar party dress, but it works for now. :)