Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Tuesday Is Chooseday!

Would you rather...

1. spend 76 hours at a rave OR at a work/education conference?

Oh I so want to go to a rave. Always have. Just haven't had a rave buddy to go with me. Bummer, that.

2. star in your own sitcom that only lasts one season OR star in one hit movie?

Which will make more money in the long run? The sitcom has syndication and a multiple dvd package. The movie has a one time box office draw (unless it's a classic like Star Wars or Grease) and then viewing rights to be sold to as many tv cable networks. But which pays more?

Which will boost my Local Appearance Fee when I have to resort to whoring myself out to Mini Mart Grand Openings?

That reminds me... I totally recognized the guy hocking fancy cooking ware at my local Costco. He's been in a bunch of movies, in bit parts... I just can't remember which ones right now (and its totally driving me crazy!!!). But that was so totally him. Whoever he is.

I'm pretty sure I recognize him from movies and not tv so... I think I'd rather star in my own sitcom thankyouverymuch.

3. drive a winnebago everywhere for a month OR drive a scooter?

Driving an RV is hard. At least it was the one and only time I did it, which was about ten years ago. But scooters are slow. And don't come with a/c. Or surround sound. Or room for my posse. Gotta have room fo' da posse!

So yeah, I think I'd rather RV it for a month.

4. drink a shot of laundry detergent OR a glass full of white vinegar?

The shot of detergent. Both would be gross, so the sooner its over the better.

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