Sunday, November 30, 2003


i'm done. i'm done. i'm really really done. la la la la la la la la.

i can't believe it. i survived NaNoWriMo. and came out victorious. i wrote 50,000 words in one month. 50,275 to be exact. i wrote a little bit extra for a little bit of padding, just in case the validator robots were picky. then i gratefully stopped typing. the story isn't done. but i am. for now at least. :)

at first i thought this would be hard. then i realized that 2 thousand words a day wasn't really that hard. as long as i had something to write about. then when i ran out of things to write about (d'oh!) and suffered from some major procrastinationitis, i didn't think i would finish. then in a day or two i wrote a few big ole chunks of words and started to catch myself up. i just finished typing up the last five thousand words. WOOOO!

well, not just finished. i had to validate the novel with the nanowrimo word-counting bots. which i did. and since i'm a winner i got this fancy little icon to flash around. so looky looky.

super cool. and i printed out the winners certificate. i'm thinking of having it framed. :) or at least lamenated.

now my name shows up in the winner's section of the website with a fancy purple bar over my name.

i feel so accomplished. :) and brain drained. seriously brain drained.

congratulations to Jodi, my sworn enemy for NaNoWriMo. she finished too. woohoo! and congratulations to all the other Super Genius Ninja Monkey From Outer Space who finished. :) and to everyone else who finished. or even attempted to to finish. super ninja monkey kudos to everyone!

hehehe. i'm so giddy. more better blog posts later. no more whining about silly wannabe 'novel'. ;)
look at that. its 3:30 in the morning and i'm still up. sheesh. but i've been writing. so its all good. well, and playing and goofing around. but mostly writing. i've got about 5k left to write for NaNoWriMo's 50k goal. i could just finish it now, because it doesn't need to make sense or fit in anywhere really, because after i write my 50k i'm ditching the damn story. leaving it. deserting it. shoving it into a dark damp corner to collect mold and wait for some lonely monster dust bunnies to claim it as its bitch. to hell with the crappy thing is my motto at the moment. for several moments actually. :) but i need my beauty sleep. so i's best be hurrying up with that. i can do 5k tomorrow, no problem. i did almost 10k today. woohoo! nothing like leaving a big chunk to the last minute. at least its not last last minute. i'll be done well before 11:58.59 pm tomorrow tonight, which is a minute before the cutoff. anywhoo, i just finish a nummy sammich the HB made me. i'm all ready for bed. *yawn*

hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving and is enjoying a four day weekend. and if you went shopping on friday, i hope you weren't knocked unconscious by crazy shoppers. what a great way to say happy holidays. am i still making sense? hmm....


I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Scrooge:: Scrooged - a movie i've seen at least a gabillion times. and would watch a gabillion more.
  2. Ribbon:: cutting ceremony
  3. Physical:: "let's get physical, physical. i wanna get physical. let's get into physical..."
  4. Income:: money
  5. Dream:: "i dreamed a dream in time gone by..."
  6. Notebook:: handy dandy
  7. Disney:: cartoons
  8. Combo:: combo c at the chinese fast food place. yum.
  9. Booty:: Nudie
  10. Skin:: i've got some. lots actually.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

okay, well, so yeah, so there's this new blog thing i just found out about. audio blogging. you can leave audio bits on your blog! you call a particular phone number from any phone, talk talk talk, then audblog puts it up on your blog in a fancy mp3 formatted deal. how cool is that? well, i think its cool.

i don't think i want to pay for the service (which isn't bad at $3/mnth) but they have a free trial period. the free trial period is only one audio post. for some strange reason i really want to try it out. i mentioned it to the HB. he just rolled his eyes and walked away.

despite the HB's lack of enthusiasm about audio blogging, i still think its sounds like fun in a weird sort of geeky way. thing is, do i really want to place audio evidence of my lame phone skills on the internet? uhhhhh... not partic-ular-ily. no joking, i turn into She Who Hasn't Mastered The English Language when ever i talk on the phone. it can be embarrassing when leaving messages on machines. still, i think it sounds like fun. now if only i had something interesting to babble verbally about. lol. oh well. if i ever do maybe i'll sign up for the free trial.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Okay, this site is just too cool. You type in some words, hit play, and famous singers sing the words back to you. Some has taken the time to make a huge database of song bits. They have the word 'I' from the 'I want to fall in love' Chris Isaak song. And 'me' from the UB40 Red Red Wine song. Neat-O. It's still missing a lot of words, but its fun. And a great procrastination tool. LOL.
Okay, so the comedy central live tour I went to on Friday was like, on Friday, which was... [does wondrous feats of mathematics in head - then resorts to counting on fingers] ...four days ago. And I haven't written about it since. But I haven't had time. Friday I was gone, obviously. I could have phlogged, but I'm not signed up for it. I'd never really use it. It takes too damn long to type any sort of coherently coded text message. So anyway... We spent Friday night down there, because we're not gluttons for punishment and didn't want to subject ourselves to the drive home (which would have equaled about an hour of sitting) after sitting for three hours at the show. On very uncomfortable chairs. Chairs that would furnish the waiting room outside of hell.

Other than that it was a fun night. The show was at the Wiltern, located in Los Angeles, and just a few miles from the airport and Hollywood. We arrived at the Wiltern at about 7:30pm. We parked (ten friggin' bucks!) and walked across the street to the Wiltern. Very fancy 'old school' theater. Inside the lobby (which was be-U-tiful!) a bunch of people were milling about, having their Before The Show drinks. The H.B. and I just sort of stood in the middle for a minute or two, looking around, checking out the place. We checked out the souvenirs but didn't find anything that didn't cost an arm and a leg and a left eyeball. Then it happened.


Yeah. I freaked out a bit. I can't help it. I get giddy when I see famous people. He wasn't even that big of a celebrity. Just Simon Rex. And let me just say, he is as good looking in person as he is on film. ROWR. I couldn't even remember his last name at first. (I did remember it in the parking lot after the show, as we waited about fifteen minutes for a break in the Got To Get The Hell Out of Here And To Hell With Anyone Else Trying To Leave flow of parking structure traffic.) When I saw Simon Rex I didn't jump up and down and scream, 'OH MY GOD I RECOGNIZE THAT MAN!' I'm cooler than that.

Instead I discreetly (so as to not appear as way uncool celebrity gaga gusher) grabbed the H.B.'s arm and whispered out the side of my mouth to the H.B. "Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod. A famous person!"

The H.B. casually looked around. "Who?"

"Rex Something."


Totally un-phased. He was ready to find our seats. I wanted to keep casually looking around the room to try and spot more famous people. Famous people! In the same room as me! WOOOOO!

The show was supposed to start at 8. That's what was printed on the ticket. And Simon and his friend went to go find their seats. So with about fifteen minutes to go the H.B. and I went to find our own seats. Guy With Unwashed/Unbrushed Hippy Hair led us to our seats. We weren't too far back, which was nice. Only probably is the seats were made for skinny bitches and kindergarteners. They're the only people who would have been comfortable on those evil things. And you couldn't move them apart to let your ass fall off into the abyss and not onto someone else's chair because they were zip tied together. Grrr. That's what I get for not buying tickets soon enough so that I can get the good 'just ten dollars more' seats. Grrr. 'That's okay,' I thought. 'The show will start in about ten minutes. Then I won't notice because I'll be enjoying the show.'

I was wrong.

Obviously 8:00PM means 8:30 to everyone else. I don't know if they didn't want to start the show until most everyone was seated, or if the comedians back stage thought we'd be more primed for the funny if our asses were on their way to becoming uncomfortably numb.

Finally the starter comedian came out. He was a funny guy, dolling out the jokes that are just so wrong you don't want to laugh at, but can't help not laughing. He was the warm up to the guest star opener comedian. But they never mentioned his name. Poor Warm Up Guy.

Then Mitch Hedberg came out he was the guest star before the real stars. This guy was hilarious! So hilarious and enjoyable that I'm seriously considering buying his new CD. I'd move past 'seriously considering' and move into 'seriously buying' mode if I had any spare change. *sniff* After Mitch came Lewis Black. Very funny. Then came Dave Attell. More very funnyness. I recognized some of Black and Attell's routine, as I've seen parts of it on the television, but they added enough fresh stuff to make it highly enjoyable.

The only downside to the show were the three drunk assholes sitting at the end of the row three rows in front of me. They were loud, obnoxious, and very drunk before they even showed up to the show. Once they got there I saw them ordering a few more drinks. Which would have been fine and dandy if they'd only kept their drunkenness to a minimum, such as just pissing off their entire section. But nooooooooo. Near the middle of Black's set, he was talking about snowflakes, and how everyone is like a snowflake. Then one of the assholes shouted as loud as a drunk asshole can, "YYYYEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" He ruined the moment, the whole flow of the snowflake monologue. Bastard. Black took time to call the guy an asshole, for which the crowd laughed and cheered. The asshole didn't learn his lesson though and shouted loudly several more times, interrupting Black's routine several more times. The drunk friends screamed loudly too. They thought they themselves were being hilarious. What delusional turds!

I believe the show ended about 11 pm. I'm not quite sure though. I was too distracted by the sorry state of my body, courtesy of the Hell Waiting Room Chairs. But finally I got to stand up! Yeah! And not be smooshed between two other people! Yeah! Not that I mind being smooshed up next to the H.B. :) The comedians come back on stage. We all clapped. Yeah! Then we all started leave. The H.B. and I integrated our selves into the moving sea of people and headed out into the lobby. We're making our way to the front door when...

And they were MORE FAMOUS than that Simon guy!!!!!!!

I saw Tony Shalhoub, the actor who just won an emmy (and I believe a Golden Globe) for the television show Monk. I WALKED RIGHT PAST MONK! He was in a group talking with another (not quite that famous) famous person, Amy Aquino. I recognized her because I'd just seen her the night before as an every-now-and-then doctor on the television show ER. (She was also Tess's secretary at the end of the movie Working Girl.) :)

I tried not to perform my snoopy dance right there in the middle of the room. There might have been more famous people in the group, or in the rest of the building, but I didn't have time to stop and stare. Not that I would normally stop and stare. That would be rude and crazy stalker like.

I'd walk and stare. It's all about the multitasking.

Plus, with the tide of the exiting crowd there wasn't much else to do other than go with the flow.

The rest of the weekend was okay. Nice and relaxing and bumming around. And that was the end of my vacation. Until Thursday when I get a four day Turkey day weekend. Woooo!
tuesday is chooseday

Would you rather...

1. Be confronted on the street by a loud, angry panhandler for a week straight OR by an unbearably persistent bible thumper?

I'd rather be confronted by the unbearably persistent bible thumper. It'd be easier to ignore him. And I wouldn't feel as guilty for doing so.

2. Eat your entire diet cold OR eat your entire diet overcooked?

I'd rather eat my entire diet cold. Overcooked food doesn't taste too good and sometimes it's hard to eat. Not fun for food consumption.

3. Be the boy in the plastic bubble OR the elephant man?

I'd rather be the elephant man. I'd hate to live in a plastic bubble for the rest of my life. I mean, what if the damn thing popped! That would suck. And I'd hate not being able to fully experience life and nature and all that crap. Sure, I'd have to walk around all heavily disguised and stuff because I'm all disfigured and elephant man-y. Hmm... which one gets the most nookie action? That's my answer! :) I do it all for the nookie! The nookie! So you can take this cookie, and stick it up your... whoa. Scary Limp Bizkit channeling there. Yeesh.

4. Eat a cooked beaver tail OR a cooked cow udder?

I've never had either, if you can believe that. I have eaten goat before though. It was yummy, up to a point. But that's not on the menus so... I'm thinking the beaver tail would be chewy and the cow udder would be fatty. Fatty tastes better than chewy so I'd rather eat cooked cow udder. Plus, eating beaver just ain't my bag baby. Though there was this one time in college... no. Not really. Just kidding. I kid. I ate a kid once too. A goat I mean. It was yummy. :)

Saturday, November 22, 2003

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Concert:: hall
  2. Sydney:: Australia
  3. Shower:: curtain
  4. Patterns:: "Everywhere, I see them there/I've got a flair for patterns/I don't care, I must declare/I've got a flare for patterns"
  5. Market:: to Market ... to buy a fat pig... and that's all i can remember of that.
  6. Chair:: my thinking chair! :)
  7. London:: France and Matthew McConaughey's underpants. What are things I've never seen but really really want to? I'll take 'Good Things Come in Three's' for $400 Alex.
  8. Reception:: area
  9. Republican:: democrat
  10. Cough:: first thing that comes to mind is some lame joke about a vampire keeping a jar of Vicks with him because it keeps the coughin'/coffin away. ha. ha. or is it a mummy being chased by a vampire? hmmm... can't remember any more. best not to whip out that joke at parties then.

Friday, November 21, 2003

in less than 11 hours i'm going to see comedy geniuses Lewis Black and Dave Attell live! live i tell you! wheeeeee! i'm so excited. and i just can't hide it. hence the following banana dance. :)

And now for the results of the Guess Which Summary Is Me! game, which I posted earlier in the week for kaliedoscope.

Kyle guessed that #4 is Lisa. And he was right! Snaps for Kyle! :)

Jodi guessed that #6 is Loon. The she wrote: "oh lord!! what if that's me! what a joke."
Well guess what Jodi... that one is you! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAaaaaaa! :)

AJ took a guess at all 6 names and got 3 right. She guessed both of mine right and Becky's. She missed Amanda, her own name. :)

Zoink took a guess at all 6 names and got 3 right. She guessed Sandy's right, Lisa's right, and her own right (Becky). :)

So the order goes as such: Sandy - Loon - Amanda - Lisa - Becky - Jodi

Here's a big round of applause to all who played. I don't know if I would have guessed that well. I see a little bit of me in each paragraph, and a little bit that so totally is not me in each paragraph too. Convenient how that works as the kabalarian site where I found these name summaries tries to sell you a more in depth analysis. :)

Though I think the Lisa and Loon one's probably fit me best. With the Loon paragraph, I am actually gifted with anti-natural expression, so that was way off base, but procrastination is my enemy. So are lima beans. With the Lisa paragraph, Kyle was right, doing this nanowrimo thing does make me "always ready to initiate and promote new undertakings." :) That sounds so adventurous. WHEEEE!

Thursday, November 20, 2003

As I was driving to the nanowrimo write-in last night I was listening to the radio, as one is likely to do in a car. A couple minutes into the drive, as I was in heavy stop-and-go traffic, playing a crowed automobile version of the bunny hop on my way to the highway, I was flipping through the radio stations and found a Metallica song. METALLICA! So I'm singing along...

I can't remember anything
Can't tell if this is true or dream

... and braking and gassing (as in pressing the gas pedal for all you stinky minded people out there), braking and gassing and singing...

Deep down inside I feel to scream
This terrible silence stops me

... and then something evil happened. My Metallica was replaced by some spanish guy. Eek! I inched forward a bit and Metallica came back on. Yes! Another inch, another station. NO! It seems that this Metallica station barely reaches out to where I was. Total bummer. The traffic light ahead of me turns green, we all start bunny hopping forward, inch by inch, and I can tell that the station is turning back to Spanish Guy so I stop further back from the car in front of me than I normally would. The guy behind me though continues to inch forward, despite the fact that I have stopped moving. He was trying to get just that teensy bit closer to his destination, as if those extra few inches would mean the difference between catching some hot three way action in some Cinemax/Skinemax movie and missing all of it. So the car is crawling up my car's butt and I say, to no one in particular really, "Dude! Metallica!"

Please god wake me

Finally I got on the freeway (and Metallica songs are long so that tells you how long it took to get down one stinkin' street! Grrr!) I switched stations again and found another Metallica song. METALLICA!

I'm your dream, mind astray
I'm your eyes while you're away
I'm your pain while you repay

You know what, listening to Metallica while driving in 'rush home from work in Los Angeles' traffic can be dangerous. It made me want to play bumper cars as I changed lands and slid over to the fast lane.

You know it's sad but true

I got to the write-in in less time that it took the last few times I drove there. Less time = less accidents to slow the highway down. People are so inconsiderate sometimes, crashing into other people, jamming up traffic for miles and miles. Oy to the vey! Seems I missed the bad drivers last night. No, wait. The bad drivers were still there. They always are, and that's a scary thought. A scarier thought is that one day my not-yet-a-sparkle-in-my-eye child will be driving in scary crazy highway traffic.

Anywhoo... I was at it all night and boy were fingers tired. I'm talking about writing here. Not driving and flipping cars off. Or... well... other stuff. Writing. I had to write out by hand since there wasn't an extra laptop for me to borrow. The good thing about that is I think I wrote more at this write-in, writing by hand, than I have at the other two when I had a laptop to type on. And its more than I'd written all day at home. Now I just have to type it all up. Oy to the vey again! So I guess I'll stop typing up this post now. Gotta save my strength. :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Some random ramblings I had today... I have no idea how my brain got on the topic of 'being in the loop' but this is what happened after it did...

I'm never in the loop. I never know anything. I'm always the last to know anything. The H.B. once drew me a diagram to explain this phenomenom to me. He drew a circle, in ketchup, on a Jack in the Box restaurant table. He called it the loop. He then threw a french fry across the room (it was like ten at night. No one was there. No patrons were harmed during the making of this diagram). He said the french fry represented me. I took offence to that. I'm not greasy and salty. Ok. Maybe salty. If only I were that skinny. But alas... the rest of its true. I'm so far out of the loop. Any loop. I'm like the loop's red headed step child from idaho. No offense to any red headed idahodians. I like that word. Idahodians. Idaohodians. Idahodians. Say it out loud. Try it. Its fun. Not as much fun as doing a summer sault and getting all kinds of tumbly warm fuzzies in your tummy, but fun nonetheless.

Enough ramblings for now.

I'll post tomorrow about the 'which paragraph goes to which name thing' tomorrow. I'd write it up now, but I have to go to a nanowrimo 'write-in'. Maybe if I spend the time driving my ass all the way there and sit there for three hours I'll actually get some writing done. That's the plan anyway. Always good to have a plan. Let's you know how much you've failed when you don't complete it. :) I wasn't going to go to the write in tonight, but moderator finally got in our official nanowrimo stickers. STICKERS! I'm a sucker for stickers. So I'm going. And writing bunches and bunches. And tomorrow I'll write bunches and bunches as well. Yep. That's the plan. :)

One last comment... my friend AJ has the coolest fucking job!!! Yep. She works for George. All you Star Wars fans can now commence with the envying. Even this blog is envious. (HA! Get it? 'cause its green! HA! Well, at least I'm cracking myself up.)

I'm very rambly right now. How come this doesn't happen when I'm trying to work on my story? Anywhooo...

Off to make myself look like Cool Hip Writer Girl. I don't know how to do that so I think I'm going to just put on some pants. Oh the price of looking cool! :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

it's not easy being green... but i think me, kermit, and the blog can handle it.


seriously, is there a procrastination pill out there i can take?

Mass. Court Strikes Down Gay-Marriage Ban

"Whether and whom to marry, how to express sexual intimacy, and whether and how to establish a family — these are among the most basic of every individual's liberty and due process rights," the majority opinion said. "And central to personal freedom and security is the assurance that the laws will apply equally to persons in similar situations."

Amen to that!
Yes chickees and chickers, its that time of the week again.
So let's play Tuesday is Chooseday!

tuesday is chooseday

Would you rather...

1. Lick a dog's toenails clean OR bite your mother's toenails to keep them trim?

These are sick. And I love it. LOL. That doesn't make this choice any easier though. If I had to choose... and that's the whole name of the game... I think I'd rather lick a dog's toenails clean. That seems to be the lesser of two gross evils.

2. Play the accordian in a band named "Dick Drippings and the Panty-Wearing Sissies" OR the triangle in a band named "Whiffy Cheeseball and the Lugnut Trio"

I'd love to play the accordion... and the first band's name is pretty bitchin'... but I think I'd rather be the stunningly sexy triangle dinger for Wiffy Cheeseball and the Lugnut Trio. Just think of the cool costumes we could wear!

3. Be a genius for 3 months out of the year and a drooling idiot the other 9 months OR be average intelligence, but never learn to read?

Definitely be a genius for 3 months and a drooling idiot for the other 9. That's pretty close to my status right now. :) Plus, I could not handle never being able to learn to read. I love books. I could always buy the audio versions, and after listening to the audio version of Jim Butcher's books it’s a very tempting option, but its just not the same.

4. Collect lint at ten thousand times your natural rate OR have everything you do in life relayed out loud by Marv Albert?

Hmmm... which would get more annoying faster? Walking around as one giant lint ball, constantly picking at myself? Or having some annoying announcer guy give the play by play of boring life?

Marv: There she goes, brushing her teeth before leaving for work. She'd better hurry, we're down to the wire here. She took too long in the closet looking for her shoes. That cost her a ten-minute penalty. Oh look! She's using the Left Hook Williams Maneuver! And she's done brushing her teeth! OH MY GOD THAT WAS AMAZING! Such flawless technique. Such- oh no. What's this? She can't find her keys. Looks like another penalty folks...

Sports players don't hear Marv, right? So I wouldn't hear him. Just the people he relayed the fascinating events that is my life. So while that could be a great big potential for embarrassment, I think I'd choose that over being a mondo lint magnet.

Monday, November 17, 2003

i just can't seem to write anything. today was a total failure. frell frell frell. but tomorrow. yeah. tomorrow will be better. today was a totall slacker day. had to be. it was the first day of my vacation for goodness sakes! but tomorrow. yeah tomorrow. that will be a different story. full of writing and laundry and writing and picking up the living room and writing. yep yep yep.


i was visiting jodi's blog a minute ago, and thanks to her i know have the copacobana song stuck in my head. i also found a new quiz there. woooo! the first time i took it i got this result:

Your medieval name is: Magdalen. Out of conformity and inducing sexual meaning, you're seductive and passionate, silent until spoken to and only violet when provoked. Gorgeous and mysterious, you've got it all.
What is your Medieval name? brought to you by Quizilla

that's a bitchin' name, one that would compliment my aura i'm sure, but the description of it is sooooooo not me. sexy? seductive? gorgeous? passionate? voilet when provoked? (lol). ehhh... not exactly. especially on the voilet part. so i took the quiz again. because i can. and this time i paid attention to my choices. yeah, because i was just clicking all willy-nilly-like the first time around. so sans willy-nilly clicking i got this result:

Your medieval name is: Thea. It's unique and original, just like you. You're flashy and wild and love a good time. There's nothing you won't do and you live up to a raver standard. You're always running and energetic. You're that girl with orange tennis shoes!
What is your Medieval name? brought to you by Quizilla

that's more like it! Thea's a pretty cool name. and i could see myself with hair like that. don't know if my employers could though. darn it.

and while i don't have any orange tennis shoes, i do own hot pink tennis shoes. well, at least i used to. i'm sure my parents threw them out when i moved out. i'm talking HOT PINK here folks. they were blinding. and so very cool. they were a gift from my aunt kay when i visited her in new zealand. i was in the sixth grade (or was it fifth? sheesh my memory is fading fast) and only wore them occasionaly, since i wasn't quite as flashy and wild and original as i am now. but they did come in handy for this huge school play we put on. i was in a group that needed to wear black and neon colors. my HOT PINK shoes were perfect! and so was my matching pair of hot pink cinderalla sunglasses.

i kinda miss those shoes. i have a picture of me in my killer HOT PINK shoes. too bad its in my parent's photo album. :)
All right peeps, its time for a little game of Guess Which Summary Is Me!

Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Just pretend for a moment then, okay? Okay. Below are several paragraphs. Each paragraph is a brief summary of a certain name. One paragraph is a summary of my name (Lisa). Another is for a summary of my nickname (Loon). The other four are summaries of names of friends and commenters of the blog (Amanda, Becky, Jodi, Sandy). All women, so as to keep in the female summary vibe. Now it's your turn, Dear Reader, to guess which paragraph is all about yours truly. ME! If you only know me as loon, guess which one paragraph that name fits. If you only know me as Lisa, then guess which paragraph fits that name. If you only know me as Miss Evil Kitty FruFru Pants... sorry. There's not a paragraph for that. But feel free to play along anyway. :) I'll give the answers later on in the week (hopefully someone will play along by then... hopefully) with a link to why I'm doing this and to the site where I got my name analyzed so you too can find out all about yourself from a website. :) I wont post the links now in case there is anyone bored with nothing else better to do than look up the names and cheat. :)


The name _____ creates a dual nature in that you can be very generous and understanding, but you can also be so candid in your expression that you create misunderstanding. You struggle with the requirement to soften your expression with tact and diplomacy and to consider the feelings of others. Difficulty in accepting advice or admitting that you may have made a mistake causes you to appear to be stubborn and set in your ways. Thus, you have too often created the wrong impression, and friendships have suffered.

The name of _____ creates an easy-going, good-natured personality, meeting and mixing easily. You appreciate the company of others, to the point that you do not like to be by yourself for very long. You are gifted with natural expression, both verbal and musical, but you would find it tedious to study music and practice theory. Anything that involves concentration or just plain hard work, you prefer to avoid as best you can. Although you have many creative, original ideas, procrastination is your worst enemy because you can seldom make decisions and carry them out.

The name of _____ has given you an appreciation for many beautiful and refined aspects of life--music and art, literature, drama--and the outdoors, where you find much peace and relaxation, but it creates a far too sensitive nature. You sense and feel much that you do not understand, and sometimes you are alarmed at your thoughts and wonder about their origin. You rarely experience the tranquility that comes with stability of thinking or emotional control.

Your first name of _____ has given you energy, drive, and ambition, but also an almost excessively strong-willed and independent nature. While you are creative, inventive, and ingenious in practical matters, and always ready to initiate and promote new undertakings, you often experience difficulty in bringing your undertakings to a successful conclusion because of your own changing interests or changing circumstances.

The influence of _____ makes you positive, self-assertive, and independent. You can be creative, inventive, and ingenious in practical matters, such as handicrafts. When you have the opportunity to pursue your own goals and interests free from interference, you can feel very agreeable and express a buoyant optimism. On the other hand, you can be impulsive and forceful when opposed, and act without due forethought and discretion. Hence you have many bitter experiences and generally rather unsettled conditions in your life, with little progress and financial accumulation. You cannot tolerate any domination by others, or circumstances that restrict your freedom and independence. You are inclined to make changes abruptly in your life as an escape from such conditions.

As _____ you are rather serious-minded, responsible, and stable. You have the gift of tact and diplomacy, and possess a charming, easy-going nature which endears you to others. You have a serious desire to understand the heart and mind of everyone, and could be very effective in a career or in volunteer work where you are handling people and serving in a humanitarian way. This name also gives you a love of home and family, and as a parent you would likely be fair and understanding


Let the games begin!
I'm vacation this week!


But its not going to be all fun and games and sleeping in and bumming around.

Nooooooo. Not for me.

I have to catch up on my writing. I have to write something like 8000 words a day this week to catch up because I was Slacker Loser Writer Girl last week and barely wrote a stitch. But I needed a break. Yeah, that's why I didn't write. Break time.

Well, break time's over folks!

8000 words... EEEEEK!

Wait -- ix-nay on the eeeeek-ay. I can do it.

I think I can. I think I can. I think I can... :)

Saturday, November 15, 2003

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Plan B:: dammit! what happened to plan A?!!
  2. Seattle:: washington *waves to jodi*
  3. The lady wore:: white after labor day. (i have no idea what the lady wore... my brain is fuzzy... at first i read this as 'the lady whore')
  4. Upsetting:: the bag of xmas colored animal cookies is over on the coffee table. and i'm over here. and can't reach them. and i didn't realize how hungry i was until just now, when i turned my head and looked at the bag. and i can't reach them. not while sitting here. being lazy. it's upsetting. *sniff* okay, i'm over it. all better now. really. because i got up and ate one of the little sugary animals. okay... i ate two. :)
  5. Tampon:: cotton pony
  6. Celebrity:: justice
  7. Baja:: california
  8. 64:: number of days it going to take me to finish my 'novel' (which is 34 over the deadline) at the current rate at which i'm working on it (which is pathetically little... but that will change next week when i go on vacation! wheee!)
  9. RGB:: color codes
  10. Milkshake:: chocolate

Friday, November 14, 2003

much procrastinating going on here today

watched the Azkaban trailer several times.
[insert sheepish yet giddy grin here.]
several = bordering on obsessively too much.
the key word there is bordering.
haven't gone full obsessive mode yet.
but i do love my Harry.

i'm falling for another wizard Harry.
finished reading Jim Butcher's Storm Front.
i'm now hooked on another series! :)

listened to several excerpted audio bits.
James Marsters has a gorgeous voice!
couldn't help picturing a naked 'spike'.
naked in a magical protection ring.
keeping away from venomous toad demon.
that's not all my crazy imagination.
that scene was in the book!

the day's been full of harry's.
but now i should get working.
working on my writing that is.
other than doing this kaleidoscope task.
got an hour left of work.
just can't get myself into it.
i'll pay for it next week.
no problem, i can handle it.
i'm a super genius ninja monkey!
The Friday Five

1. Using one adjective, describe your current living space.


2. Using two adjectives, describe your current employer.

old, awesome annoying (awesome is his favorite word. everything and everyone is awesome. after the five gabillionth time it comes out of his mouth its rather annoying. trust me)

3. Using three adjectives, describe your favorite hobby/pasttime.

warm, fuzzy, fun

4. Using four adjectives, describe your typical day.

exhilarating, fascinating, inspiring, exaggerated :)

5. Using five adjectives, describe your ideal life.

fun, comical, loving, spectacular, full

Thursday, November 13, 2003

I've been mole molested. No, not recently, it was a while ago. But I had flashbacks to it last night.

During the drive home from dinner last night The H.B. said that he needed to get a haircut. I said that I needed to get my hair dyed. I'm 'all talk, no action' in the hair department lately. I keep saying that I want to dye it a different color but I never go and actually get it done. It's not that I'm afraid to do it. Not at all. I'm just too lazy. And poor. :)

I want to go to the store and buy something temporary, just to try it out, experiment a bit and see if I want to go lighter or darker. The H.B. says I should go to a saloon and have them do it but I'd rather go the store-bought route. I could live with it if the color juice totally went wacko on my hair. Mainly because I'm reluctant to have some professional mess with it. The time I got streaks in my hair was not a fun experience. The blonde streaks turned out AWESOME! It was just the whole processes of getting it done.

First of all, the guy working on me had an accent, and a lisp, and he talked really softly. I had no fucking idea what the hell he was saying half the time. He'd say something to me and I'd say 'Huh?' back. He'd repeat the question a few times and I'd say 'huh?' a few times more until I just nodded my head and made some noncommittal grunt.

Second of all, I've got a big head. I don't mean a 'big head' in the sense that I'm full of myself. I mean I've got A BIG HEAD. I inherited it from my mother, so it's all her fault. When people see me walking down the street they don't say, "God damn that's big fat head!" At least they don't say that to my face... which is a part of my big fat head. Oh my... is it noticeable? Is my head weirdly proportionate to the rest of my body? If it was I'm sure some kid would have pointed it out to my by now. So maybe it's not noticeable. Either way, the little cap thingy they put on your head to do the streaks thing doesn't fit me. Well, it fit, but very tightly. The whole thing wasn't fun. But the streaks ended up looking killer so I guess it was worth it.

The next time I went back the soft speaking lispy guy with an accent wasn't there so I thought after 'I get my hair cut maybe I'll have them put in streaks, or maybe go for the full on dye job.'

That's when the mole molestation took place. See, I've got this big-ass mole on my big-ass head. So what? I've had my hair cut by many people and they've never really dwelled on it. But this lady did.

"What is that?" she exclaimed and proceed to rub my mole.

"It's a mole," I said, trying to send out 'stop rubbing my mole like it’s a damn genie lamp' vibes.

She left it alone and went back to cutting my hair.



Rub The Mole! Rub The Mole!

"It's so weird!" she says as she's back to feeling up my mole.

Let me tell you something: that was just damn awkward. I couldn't understand what the hell she was saying other than 'That's a mole?' so I didn't stick around for the hair coloring portion of my trip to the hair snippers.

I could always go somewhere else. And have them use other options than the Too Tight Hair Cap thingy. But I'd rather just experiment with it myself. And mess it up myself. And go to professionals as a last resort to have them fix me up. But you know, even if my hair turned green I think I'd like the change. At least people would be hesitant to fondle my mole next time. 'Ooooh, don't mess with her mole. She's got green hair. She's crazy!'

Hey Becky and Amanda... I'll be home for Thanksgiving. If you two are around, do you want to dye my hair green? heh heh heh
Yesterday I saw the prettiest, most vibrant rainbow I've ever seen. I've seen a lot of rainbows in my time but none as awesome as this one.

The rainbow was gorgeous.
It wasn't faint and hazy like rainbows normally are. And it was a full rainbow, with both of its feet and arch shining brightly. It was so bright and full of color I almost needed sunglasses.

The rainbow was mesmerizing.
I couldn't stop staring. It was so close - so very close - that I felt that I could reach out and touch it. Or at least drive to it. I actually thought about driving closer to it for a second or two. Then I switched freeways and headed home. :)

The rainbow was uplifting.
I was already in a good mood (it was raining and I like the rain) but seeing the rainbow lifted my spirits up a few notches. It was one of those sights that can't help but make your heart sing. It was a magical sight.

Yep. That's right. I fell in love with that rainbow. Too bad they don't stick around for too long.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

What's On your bedroom dresser Right Now?

Ah geeze... what's on my bedroom dresser? A ton of crap, that's what. Okay, off the top of my head - since I'm at work right now [insert groan here] and can't see it - here's a list of some of the things on top of my dresser:

Folded clothes that haven't been put away yet, a lone sock who lost its soul mate, two shoe boxes of old bills that I haven't bothered to file (a.k.a. throw) away yet, two or three binders full of paper (I think they're old work binders belonging to the H.B.), a basket full of some miscellaneous junk of mine (such as scraps of papers with story ideas and quotes and 'to do' lists, and articles I've printed out off the 'net), a trinket dish (full of hair band thingys, a nail file, a ring or two...), a walkman, a notepad and a couple of pens, two jewelry boxes, about ten or so books that don't fit on my poor excuse for a bookshelf, a green permanent marker (that smells really good... not that I'm accustomed to smelling it often mind you... its just... well...) that I use to mark off the days on my snoopy calendar, my le femme nikita (the tv version) like sunglasses, a snoopy doll (on top of everything, not being smooshed, of course!), my plush dog (a.k.a. wannabe pound puppy) Dilford and an empty glass.

That's all I can recall at the moment. See what I mean? A ton of crap! And its all piled on top of each other. I really need to clean it up someday.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

star wars episode IV poster
Ahhhhhh, so it's Star Wars for you. You love high tech gadgets, and would kill for a pair of those boots the jedi always wear.
Do you belong in: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Pirates of the Caribbean
brought to you by Quizilla

I have this poster. I used to have it hanging up on my bedroom wall. Then I moved and haven't bothered to put it up in the new place. And its been several years. Maybe I should get around to that sometime. :)

I so want a pair of those boots! :) This quiz result is so fitting with my wannabe novel that I feel inspired. I'm going to work on it a bit now. Until I have to do blasted work that is. Blast it all!
tuesday is chooseday

Would you rather...

1. Have a one night stand with George W Bush OR be responsible for his re-election?

The thought of having a one-night stand with GW gives me the heebee-jeebees. And so does the thought of him getting re-elected. *shiver* Could I take one for the team? (The environmental team that is.) I just don't know. What a question. HA!

Okay. Easy way out. I'm in a loving committed relationship. I don't think the boyfriend would approve of any one-night-standings with presidential candidates so therefore I would not want to have a one-night stand. :) And if the H.B. does approve I've got a bigger problem on my hands because I'm going to have to find something big enough to smack him with. So I'd rather be responsible for GW's re-election. And hope he doesn't do too much damage.

2. Show up for work naked OR have everybody else show up naked?

Definitely have everybody else show up naked. Wheeee! :) Even though there are no real hotties here to admire. And I'm sure there would be some people who would be quite scary being all naked and such and I'd probably be scarred for life with all that scary naked flesh burned forever on every rod and cone in my eyeballs. That's better than scarring everyone else for life with my naked self.

"What? You said it was casual Friday. Did no one else get the memo?"

3. Have teeth as large as a horse OR as brown as dirt with no hope of whitening them?

If my teeth were as large as a horse they would fit in my mouth. And that would be a pain in the... well, mouth. Even if my teeth were as large as horse's teeth they'd still be too big. Ouch. You'd never be able to do anything fun with big horsey teeth. You couldn't ride a roller coaster - wouldn't fit. You couldn't fly anywhere unless you booked an extra seat or two. And you wouldn't be able to stick your tongue out an annoying sibling when they're being a big doody stupid head. No fun indeed. So I'd rather have brown (ick!) teeth. No hope of whitening though? How about if I use whiteout? Hmm...

4. Accidentally shoot one of your parents in the butt OR intentionally burn down their house?

I'd rather shoot a parent in the butt. If I'm burning down their house on purpose its probably not for any fun like a neighborhood bonfire party. I'd like to think its because there are evil goblins living inside. And that's not good. And by burning down the house I might not kill all goblins. Still not good. If there are no goblins that means I've probably flipped my lid completely (as opposed to now with it just semi flipped). And that's really not good. So... uh... pass me the bb gun! Plus, what better way to get stories to tell your grandkids. I'd be doing them a favor. :)

Sunday, November 09, 2003

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Leapfrog:: the H.B.'s former employer... bastards :P
  2. Co-workers:: wannabe comedians (and lounge singers. hehehe)
  3. Mustang:: dream car (and sometimes verrrrrrra sexy car)
  4. Waffer:: snack
  5. Nicotine:: bleagh!
  6. Fast food:: yum!
  7. Suffocate:: "Men are always whining about how we're suffocating them... Personally, I think if you can hear them whining you're not pressing hard enough on the pillow." (Don't know who said that. Got it forwarded to me in an email once.)
  8. Myth:: legend
  9. Lane:: bowling
  10. Unexpected:: turn of events

Saturday, November 08, 2003

a pop up ad just popped up on my 'puter screen advertising a software that stops pop up ads from popping up on 'puter your screen.

isn't it ironic? dontcha think?

or is your problem that you don't think? i know i have trouble with it sometimes.

but now is not the time to think! now is the time to write. lots and lots and lots so that i can make up for friday when i didn't write. or today. friday i became addicted to this number problem game solving website. and today, well, it was just one of those bum around kind of saturdays. but now i'm going to hunker down and write. i've got my soda and my 'nuclear sour neon gummie worms.' if that doesn't jump start the muse i don't know what will. and i've got the television off. so no distractions there. and i'm feeling a bit tired (i was up late playing with the number problems) so i'm feeling a bit fuzzy brained. yes! let the silly non-sense-ical wordage begin!

it's day 8 of NaNoWriMo and my word count as of right now is 11,052. it should be up around 16,000 by the end of the day, but that's what i get for goofing off. hopefully tomorrow i can write 7000 words to catch up. yeah right, like that's going to happen. and sour neon gummi worms might fly out of my butt! (when the communicative fart bubbles aren't busy making the journey that is).

*sigh* if only my 'novel' was as good as that previous paragraph i'd be happy with it. ;) right now its just so blah. but i'm not discouraged. i mean, "was it over when the german's bombed pearl harbor? hell no! and it ain't over now." because i've still got 24 or so more days to go! plent of time for the funny to show up. right?

Friday, November 07, 2003

The Friday Five

1. What food do you like that most people hate?

I LOVE SPAM! I do. I really do. I know there are a lot of people who think 'Ewwwww!' when they think 'spam'. But not me. Spam spam spam spam spam spam! Lovely Spam!

2. What food do you hate that most people love?

Refried beans. *bleagh* I can't eat them. They're just so gross. Even this cute song couldn't win me over to their side.

beans! beans!
they're good for you're heart!
the more you eat the more you fart!
the more you fart the better you feel
so let's eat beans for every meal!

3. What famous person, whom many people may find attractive, is most unappealing to you?

Hayden Christensen
(I'm sure there's a better answer for this question... I just can't think of it right now... but I do find him very unappealing.)

4. What famous person, whom many people may find unappealing, do you find

Weird Al Yankovic. :)
(had trouble of thinking of an answer for this one too... though this one, uh, fits)

5. What popular trend baffles you?

Can't think of an answer. Any trend that does baffle me really isn't that popular.

No wait! What boggles the mind is the Wearing Your Pants Around Your Knees guy trend. What is up with that? They wearing their pants so that they sag below the crotch, so what? They can show off their boxers? But then why do they wear a baggy shirt that covers the semi exposed boxers? And with their pants riding down so low and the crotch of the pants a foot off the ground it looks like they've got legs that are only two feet long. Is it to make it appear they've got so much stuff hanging between their legs that there's no room for them to pull up their pants?

It's a boggler to me.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

I'm sitting here (as opposed to floating here, I guess) chewing on sugar-free gum and looking at a piece of anti-sugar-free gum (i.e. super sugar saturated bubble gum) and I'm wondering this: if I combine sugar-free gum and anti-sugar-free gum, will they cancel each other out? Will there be a cosmic who-haw in my mouth when they explode, causing the world to be thrown into chaos?

Just a thought.

I just got back from a breakfast with the bosses. Very interesting. I never get invited to these breakfasts/lunches because it's mainly supervisors and megasupervisors who go. I don't mind because I really don't want to go eat with them anyway. This morning though I heard the whole department was going. And I hadn't been invited. Was I not a part of the department? *sniff*

Turns out I am. :) And I was invited. And I accepted. I may not particularly want to go hang out with them but that's the price I was willing to pay for free food. And an hour and a half 'coffee' break. There were 9 males and little old me. Okay, big young me. But still, just the one female. There wasn't too much of a boys club feeling as I thought there might be. And I didn't really feel like the little peon on the bottom of the corporate food chain that I am.

K is leaving in two weeks, so it was nice to have breakfast with him before he leaves. There were two very funny people working in this office. E was moved to another office across the hall a week or so ago. The other one, K, just gave his two-weeks notice. I told him it was very inconsiderate of him to do so because I am going to be funny-co-worker-less in two weeks! *sob* This job is going to seriously suck now. I may just have to find another job.

If only there was someone out there who wanted to pay me millions of dollars to blog every day. Are you out there Mr./Ms. I-Love-Loon's-Blog-So-Much-I-Am-Willing-To-Pay-Her-To-Write-In-It-And-Nothing-Else? Well, ARE YOU? HELLO?!

I am full on breakfast/brunch. Can't think straight. Can't concentrate on work. Must... take... nap...

No! Must resist urge! Will lose all credibility as work professional if caught with drool on chin and imprint of keyboard etched across forehead.

You know, I haven't chewed actual bubble gum in ages. I feel like a little kid again blowing and popping big bubbles. :)

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Fish 'farts' a form of communication?

At night, herring squeeze bubbles out of their swim bladders through an anal pore.
The action produces distinctive sounds, resembling a person blowing raspberries or farting.


"Why yes Marge. I do speak herring!"


There's even a link on that page where you can hear the actual fish fart! It's so beautiful it brought a tear to my eye. I love it. :)
Look at me being a big fat loonypants as I write more non 'novel' stuff. D'oh!

What's On the tip of your tongue Right Now?

Injured taste buds. Last night, when I mimicked the sound my injured taste buds were making, the H.B. called them evil alien taste buds. But for the purpose of this post we'll just call them poor little injured taste buds.

One of the supervisors brought in a bag of left over Halloween candy on Monday. And on Tuesday. On Tuesday the bag was full of Smarties. Yeah, that's right. Smarties! I hadn't had those in forever so I grabbed one of them. Okay, several ones of them. While I worked I nibbled on the little candies with my front teeth, resting the candy on the tip of my tongue while I did for maximum nibblage. Turns out sugar = writing fuel. I finished off a few rolls of smarties by the end of the day. And now my poor little tongue is paying for it. The taste buds are burnt out on a sugar overload. Sort of a 'too much of a good thing' I guess.

But they're going to have to suck it up because I think I'm going to need to buy and consume more smarties for the little writing get together thing I'm going to tonight.

Until then, I'm going to do some 'novel' writing sans sugar. I think my writing my suffer from it (evidence: this post) but a girl-on-a-deadline's got to do what a girl-on-a-deadline's got to do.

You are SuperStar!
Which Buffy Episode Are You? brought to you by Quizilla

I love this episode. Poor Jonathan. Just wanted to be a cool super hero. I can really relate. LOL. But I think I should have been the 'Once More With Feeling' episode. While I'm not totally 'romantic and cheesy' I do 'love music and sometimes break out into song without warning.' Much to the chagrin of my friends around me. The H.B. and I will be walking down an aisle at the grocery store, I'll suddenly start singing along with the elevator music being played over the speakers, and the H.B. will roll his eyes and move further down the aisle. It's a move that clearly says 'I do not know that crazy woman!'

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Josh (and everyone else)'s mission, whether you choose to accept it or not, is to go to some place where they ask you for your name. and give a fake name. And report back. 100 brownie points to whoever can get proof that they were 'Sassafrass' for a day.


i'm seriously thinking about going to starbucks later this week. maybe i can bribe the muse with coffee so that she sits down here with me and helps me write. i need to write dammit!

ok. seriously. i'm going now. off to write brilliance. only got 27 minutes to do. eek!
because i should be writing...

i checked out a new blog. there's some interesting buzzstuff going on there.

eke i did a bit of stalking there.

now i'm off to add to my word count. for a few minutes at least. gotta get it in a few more words or gilmore girls come on in a half hour. zounds! can't not watch gilmore girls!
tuesday is chooseday

Would you rather...

1. Have every dog you meet sniff your butt OR your crotch?

I'd rather have every dog I meet sniff my crotch. I've got no junk in the front so I don't have to worry about them suddenly biting it off. But if kujo did decide to snap and go chompy on me, I'd rather see it happen then have him bite me from behind.

2. Get cancer when you're 30, be treated, and it go into remission never to be seen again OR get alzheimer's when you're 80?

I'd rather get alzheimer's when I'm 80. As much as that would suck, I don't want to go into remission never to be seen again when I'm only 30. Maybe in the fifty years difference they'll have a cure, or at least lots of helpful drugs for alzheimer's. If not though, I'm going to have to be really rich and have lots of kids to take care of me in my old age.

3. Take a bite of raw chicken OR eat a donut out of a dumpster?

I'd rather eat a donut out of a dumpster. One that's still in the box. And the box is on top of everything. Even if it doesn't fit those requirements I think I could pretend its clean. I couldn't do that with a raw chicken. Ew! Except, its just a bite. I don't have to eat the bite do I? Hmmm... if I don't have to eat the raw chicken, just take a bite out of it then spit it out, I'd rather do that.

4. Be so completely unaffected by adrenaline that you frequently bungee jump, cliff dive, and skydive just to try to get a thrill OR be the complete opposite and find the merry-go-round too thrilling to ride?

I would rather be unaffected by adrenaline. As much fun as adrenaline is, I'd hate to be too scared of a little merry-go-round. Never be able to ride on a merry-go-round?! Oh the horror! I loved it when I was little, and a grown up uncle or cousin would spin me and my brother around and around and around until our stomachs were on continuous flip mode. Wheee! It's not the adrenaline that makes that ride fun. It's the after effects when you try and walk afterwards... and fall down. :)

Monday, November 03, 2003

Okay. Thought I'd blog for tic. It's either that, or work on my "novel". My brain is busy formulating and calculating and speculating and other ings and needs a few more minutes of prep time before its ready for me to settle down and type. So here I am.

Blogging my be sporadic this month. And posts might not make sense. No wait, that's a normal occurence. But I might not post often. Unless I need to do warm up typing exercises to get the fingers in the mood, like now.

I went to my area's NaNoWriMo kick off party on Sunday. It was so cool to meet other writers and hear them talk about their stories. I just wish I didn't show up late. I felt so foolish walking in late. But it wasn't my fault that I was late. Okay, the fact that I'm a driving ditz might make it my fault. But other than that... its not. See, the 'party' was in a town I've been to maybe twice before, and it was in a part of the town, downtown, that I've never been to before. So I was driving west on the freeway, and I had to turn off on This One Street. Guess what. The only way to turn off on This One Street is if you are traveling on the freeway GOING EAST! East for crying out loud! How was I supposed to know that by looking at the map. ARRRRRRGGGGGG! I was only fifteen minutes late. Not tooooo bad. But still.

I've got about 1000 words left to write for the night to be on track with the word count pacing. I'm writing crap right now, and that's kind of a bummer, but I guess if I ever decide to edit this thing I'll add the funny/witty/hilarious/clever/ wonderfully cute moments/lines/dialogue/etc later. *BIG FUCKING SIGH*

One of the tips to writing the november novel is tequila. I might have to try that some day. Might be fun actually. And I'd love to see what I write afterwards. Writing under the influence would certainly fit in with the other crap I've written so far. For now, I'm settling for overdosing on sugar frosty halloween cookies. It's just like eating mini cakes. Yum!

I read on the NaNoWriMo main page that there are going to have free stickers. Details to come later. FREE STICKERS!!! WOOHOO! I knew there was a reason I signed up for this madness. I so wish I had something interesting to write about. Here and there. Oh well...

Word count so far: 5,116

So if I write [does quick math in head] 884 words right now I'll be on a decent track (2,000 words a day = finish by day 25). I played catch up at work today whipping out over 3,000 words. Hopefully I can keep up that pace :) and not run out of stuff to write about. lol.

Okay. Off to create brilliance. And when that doesn't happen I'll work on adding to my "novel."

Saturday, November 01, 2003

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Taboo:: fun family game
  2. Poison:: ivy
  3. 1983:: I love the 80's: Strikes Back
  4. Tim:: Conway
  5. Groovy:: Marvey
  6. Italy:: Rome
  7. Think:: Smart
  8. Penthouse:: nekkid boobies
  9. Shelter:: home
  10. Twinkie:: twinkie twinkie little star (huh? hehehe)

Okay. Now I'm really going to bed. Or maybe I'll write 'twinkie twinkie little star' into my story. Mr. Twinkie the Singing Super Star. Had a bad incident when he told an irate fan to 'bite me!'. No permanent damage was sustained. But Mr. Twinkie did loose a bit of filling before being rushed to the hospital.

Okay. Seriously. Bed. Me. Go. Now. No more non-nano writing.
NaNoWriMo officially started today. Wheeeeee!

And right now, It's only 10:45 pm and my brain feels all fuzzy. Kinda like it does when I'm still awake at 2 am. What's up with that? I finally have some alone time, and I'm sitting in front of the computer, and I can get to work on my nano story. But can I focus? No. My brain's all fuzzy. Damn it.

I did start my story this morning. I've got a whole 500 words done. Very pathetic. But the last part of the day I was busy cleaning. Couldn't write while washing the dishes. A very good excuse. The H.B. got a bug up his most adorable ass about cleaning. So it was Let's Clean The Apartment Day. Well, for half the day. That's why my brain is so fuzzy. Fumes from all the household cleaning supplies invaded my brain and went wiggy wiggy on the fantasticstorywritus part. That's a small section of the brain. Near the back I think.

I plan on sitting in front of the computer all day tomorrow - well, not all day - and do nothing but work on my story - and contemplate the wonders of double sticky tape. No. No time for that. I'll just stick to writing. I do plan on taking a break and attending my area's NaNoWriMo kick off party. Woo! Then it's back to writing. Until Alias is on. :)

Darn it, I've got a huge cup of sugary caffiene here with me, all ready to help me in my nano writing efforts, and my brains too fuzzy for me to concentrate.

Now see, the computer says the above is 269 words. That's over half of what I wrote this morning! So why can't I do that with my story right now? My brain isn't too fuzzy for blogging, why not other stuff? *sigh*

I have that song Madeline Kahn sang in Blazing Saddles ringing through my fuzzy little brain right now. "I'm so tired, God dammit I'm tired!" hehehe.

Okay. I could probably write something really silly right now, seeing as my fuzzy brain now feels like its floating on cloud 9 and 3 quarters, but I don't know if it would fit into my story. Even though my story is going to be really silly and out there and something from out in left field might actually fit. Hmmm... maybe I should stay up late... Nah. I'll save that tactic for next week, if necessary. For now, I'll try getting some sleep, then waking up fresh brained and alert tomorrow, all set and ready to write lots and lots.

Come on fuzzy brain. Bed-y bye time.