Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Blahs of Yesterday

I didn't feel good yesterday. Felt incredibly icky. Had trouble concentrating. Body felt all out of whack.

Had a bit of a headache ...
(Possible Explanation: it was Monday... and I was at work)

... very mild dizziness ...
(Possible Explanation: I think the computer monitor is sending me subliminal messages. And I didn't have my usual cup of coffee in the morning, so maybe I was suffering from withdrawals. But since I don't drink coffee on the weekends, I doubt that was the case. Still... my body knew it was Monday and was expecting its weekday dose of coffee like a petulant child expects candy.)

... some weird cramping...
(Possible Explanation: its close to That Time Of The Month so that could explain that symptom, but I also ate some cheese that, at the time I made the sandwich, I didn't think was bad. This morning though, when I was making today's lunch (yes, I'm packing a lunch again, go me!) I looked at the expiration date on the package of individually wrapped cheese slices and it said 'MAR 05'. Holy Cheese Poisoning Batman! Though if the cheese was really bad, you'd think I'd have been more poisoned than what I felt).

Overall, it was nothing that was too bad, but put all together it made me feel Blah with a capital B. I didn't know what was wrong with me (precisely, though one of my suspicions was the cheese); I just knew that my body felt like it was out of alignment. So I drank lots of water. I've heard doctors, and moms, say that a lot. "Drink lots of fluids."

What's the 'recommended' daily intake of water? 64 ounces? Well, yesterday, while at work, I drank at least 57 ounces (I know this because I remember drinking 2 '24 ounce' bottles of water and one 9 ouncer. I think I drank more, but I'm not sure. Chugging too much water is like a few too many shots of tequila. The brain gets overly saturated.)

So yeah, I drank lots of fluids. And damn if that didn't make me pee like some kind of peeing machine. Which was great because trips to the bathroom were a nice break from the monotony that was my work load Monday. I definitely drank a bottle of water at home last night so my system was totally flushed out yesterday. I think that did the trick since I felt a little better when I got home last night, and almost a hundred percent better by the time I went to bed.

And this morning? Well, the cheese weariness is gone and I feel pretty damn peachy. But I still have to pee like a mo-fo. Might be because I've already downed a 9 ounce bottle of water, plus whatever was in the cup of coffee I had earlier. :)

So yeah, I've had my hit of coffee. And I have different cheese on my sandwiches, and its not Monday anymore, and I plan on drinking more water* so I should be right as rain today. At least that's the plan. :)

* but maybe not quite 64 ounces. Sheesh! Hopefully there's a lot of ounces of water in my sandwich to make up for it.


  1. every time i try to get back on the 8 glasses of water a day wagon, i go through that increased peequency thing. but you are right, it does break up the day.

  2. increased peequency is also good for brainstorming. i've had some of my best ideas while walking to the bathroom. :)

    but increased peequency is annoying when you have to be in a meeting for an hour and a half. or when you're driving home and there's an accident on the freeway. or...