Thursday, June 30, 2005

Lies Revealed, True Stories Shared - Part I

In Tuesday's post I listed ten things about myself. 8 were true. 2 were lies.

Today (because yesterday was anything but conducive to writing) I will reveal the truth behind the lies - and a relatively (hopefully) brief story behind the truths.

First off, the two lies!

3. My favorite color is yellow. - NOT TRUE!

My favorite color is blue. Yeah, yeah, I know, that's such a boring, generic thing to say. But its true. I love all the many varied shades and hues of blue. They're peaceful. Calming. Beautiful. I might prefer a specific type of blue over another (midnight? navy? cerulean? cornflower?) but I'd be too hard pressed to single any one of them out, so I'll just stick with the mama of them all and say (in my best Mike Meyers as Goldmember voice) 'I like bluuuuuue!'

My favorite color used to be red, when I was in the early elementary grades (K-2). Then my tastes changed, as tastes are sometimes want to do. I'm a big fan of green. And as of late a big fan of pink (which for some reason still truly perplexes me). I love to wear red (mainly because the HB says its looks great on me *teehee*) but my ultimate fav is still blue.

Last time I checked, my best friend and my boyfriend's favorite color was yellow. That's why I picked it for the lie. :)

6. I have an older brother. - NOT TRUE!

I have one sibling and he's younger than me by about 2 and a half years. He's a hell of a lot taller than me now though, by several inches. I love to introduce him as my 'little' brother. My little six foot, several inches tall brother. Sigh. I remember the good old days when I was a lot taller than him, back when it was easier to wrestle/horseplay/pick on him. Not that we roughhoused a lot. And the 'picking on' part? Not so much, either. (If he read this, he'd have something to say to the contrary, I'm sure. Not that that means anything because he can be highly delusion when it suits his purposes. Heh. Still love ya bro!)

So yeah, he used to be shorter than me, skinnier than me, all around smaller than me, and then all of a sudden - ZOOM! - he shot up like a Shaquille O'Neal plant in a basketballer garden. The growth spurt was especially noticable during either the first or second Christmas after I'd moved away to college, when I was home visiting for the holidays. The bro and I were goofing around and I said something, probably something of the teasing variety (delivered in a lovingly sister manner, of course). Actually, I think it was something along the lines of 'just because you're much bigger than me now don't think I can't still beat you up if I wanted to'. (Not that I've ever even tried to beat him up before! Honest!) Before I knew it he had me in a headlock, and I was like, Dude! Something's seriously wrong with this scenario!

He was so much bigger than me, which had never been the case before, so it was a weird and foreign situation. Not scary, because I knew he wouldn't hurt me, but weird, because he had never dared give me the headlock noogies before. But this time? Now that he was bigger than me? He felt empowered enough to do so. Freaking noogies for crimeney's sake! The nerve!

I tried to wriggle free, and that's when my earrings nearly punctured little holes in my neck. Ouch! I've never been a big earring wearer so that, horseplayin' with tiny metal rods sticking out of my ears, was a new experience as well. But they were a recent gift so I was wearing them, because I was turning more into an adult and less like a kid sister, something both me and the bro were adjusting too. So after I broke free, and made sure I wasn't bleeding, I said to my brother:

"Next time you want to show off and prove you're bigger than me now, warn me first so I can take out my earrings."

He grinned like the adorably mischievous little brother that he is and looked at the invisible watch on his wrist. "How's two minutes from now sound? Is that enough warning?"

God I miss him. He's (supposedly) moving from Michigan to Las Vegas sometime soon, which means he'll only be a car ride away, rather than a plane ride away. Which means he'll be easier to visit. I just hope he doesn't change his mind. Again.

This was an easy lie for Z to spot, since she's known me since the third grade, and she's known my bro since she and I were in the fourth grade together. :) At least I think that's when they meet... hmmm...

Okay, I have to spend time doing some actual work now (*grumble grumble*) so I'll be breaking this into a few parts. The better to spread out the yummy reading goodness, my dears! So stay tuned for Part II, were I share some amusing-probably-only-to-me anecdotes about the Tuesday's 8 truths.


  1. Ok, that's what I thought....I didn't recall your favorite color ever being yellow, but I wasn't 100% sure on that one. I was pretty sure on the others! :)


  2. see, that was me, being all crafty-clever-sneaky like. otherwise it would have been to easy for ya. :)