Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Favorite Quote of the Day (So Far...)

"I may be crazy, but I'm not nuts." - Stressed Out Gal From Across The Hall

Poor Stressed Out Gal. We're in peek season and not producing like we should be, and everyone's scrambling to insure coverage in all the markets and running around like tweaked out chickens to make sure we're set to produce like mo-fo's - to catch up if possible, to not fall any more behind at the very least - and planning everything is a juggling nightmare (at least it sounds that way from my desk, oh so conveniently located in the center of all the chaos) and one of the Planner Persons is on vacation and another just called in sick and its starting to sink in that Poor Stressed Out Gal, the Head Honcho Planner Coordinator Juggler Extraordinaire, is totally screwed today. She's doing the whole nervous laughter thing. Not a good sign.

I don't know all that goes in to the planning, but I know its complicated with all kinds of numbers and figures and other info that gets factored into the decision making. Just a minute ago, Poor Stressed Out Gal was talking to someone via speaker phone and shared her predicament, mentioning how there were only three people at work today to handle the planning for the entire western region. The person on the other end burst out in laughter. This, apparently, on top of all the crap that's been piling up lately, is funny. Funny in a 'ha ha glad that's not me because boy does that suck' kind of way.

On a good note: I'm not in planning! Woo!

On an even better note: S. O. G. brought into work today THE most delicious vegetable dip in a yummy sourdough bowl. I've limited myself to two bites. Any more and I'm afraid I'll go all feral and scarf down the whole thing.

Best! Dip! Ever!

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