Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Son of a crap nugget!

I just realized I forgot to clock in after lunch. &#%@*!%

They never used to enforce it here, the clocking in and out for lunch. Which was nice, since we only get a half hour for lunch. You can't do anything in a half hour! Except, of course, eat your bag lunch, which I haven't been bringing lately. D'oh! But if you want to actually leave the facility and go anywhere? That's pretty much out of the question (for us lowly non-salary minions, that is). There are three fast food places around here, and an AM/PM, so there's enough time to drive there and drive immediately back. We're in a warehouse district so any sort of restaurant variety you might want is found a fifteen minute drive away, via freeway. That's plain bupkiss (sp?) folks!

I never abused the thirty minute time frame. Much. Sometimes I'd come back to my desk five, ten... oh all right, sometimes (re: rarely) even twenty minutes late. But sometimes I eat lunch at my desk. So it all worked itself out in the end. And you know what? Sometimes it was nice to go across the street with some coworkers and sit and chat and bitch about work and take our sweet time walking back. But we spent time talking about work (via bitching, but still!) so it was like we'd never left.

Then somebody, too many somebody's, had to go and abuse the freedom in a highly noticeable way and ruin it for the rest of us.


Today I'm eating lunch at my desk. I clocked out, grabbed a snack from Mr. Vending Machine, and came back up to my desk. And like the naughty little girl that I am I started checking my non-work-related-email. And I saw that my mommy sent me an email with a link to a news article about an Indian rape victim who is being forced by village elders to "marry" her rapist, her father-in-law. I just had to read it, which I did. Afterwards I wanted to bitch slap those stupid village elders for believing something so asinine and it just so ticked me off that I couldn't think straight and so I dove back into my work and... and... yeah, a half hour after I should have clocked back in I realized I hadn't clocked back in. D'oh! That's twice now I've forgotten the after lunch punch in. Twice since they started enforcing it a week and a day ago. Oops.

We're supposed to fill out a sheet and submit it to our time keeper person so that it's all nice and documented with our reason for the time punch discrepancy.

Reason for Discrepancy: uh... brain fart?

So damn, I have to remember to grab one of those tomorrow on my way upstairs. Missing a time punch should be a write-up, some sort of 'occurrence' that gets documented in our disciplinary folder. But I don't think they're quite enforcing that yet. At least not in my group. At least I hope not. Eek!

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