Friday, June 17, 2005

Oooh, I almost forgot to post for 50 Word Fiction Friday!

Revenge of the Dust Bunnies

Granpappy never did housework, being the strict dustarian that he was. He didn't believe in killing innocent dust bunnies, thinking they were harmless. He didn't know they'd multiply like real bunnies. And form labor unions. The Dust Bunnies of Local 37 evicted him seven years after his last dusting massacre.

The Theme: This week it was the H word (i.e. housework).

The Inspiration: Well, I started writing about housework and being easily distracted from housework and oooh look a shiny penny... but what I came up with wasn't very good. And it ended in death, which was how last week's 50 Word Fiction Friday submission ended. I didn't want there to be a running theme of death in my stories so I broke the cycle before I could even begin. Well, there is the mention of dust bunny deaths, and dusting massacres, and well... at least I didn't kill off another old guy! Sheesh.

So anyways, the first two drafts weren't working so I ditched them and went with Plan B. Which I made up on the spot since I didn't have a Plan B. I started thinking about the different aspects of a dirty house (something I am more than familiar with). As soon as I thought about dust bunnies the piece just seemed to write itself. :) Yay for dust bunny inspiration!

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